100-Day Toll: 11,000 Rockets, Shells Hit ‘Israel’ From Gaza, Lebanon

Israeli media outlets have discussed the grueling options that the occupation faces in order to stop attacks from Lebanon and Yemen.

“If the chief of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya al-Sinwar, wanted to create a multi-front battle, then he has succeeded in doing so,” the Israeli broadcaster Channel 12’s political affairs analyst, Dana Weiss, said on Sunday.

In this context, the analyst highlighted the fact that Ansar Allah in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran “directly link attacks on Israel to the situation in Gaza. They say that as long as the fighting continues in Gaza, these challenges to Israel will persist.”

Faced with limited Israeli options, Weiss said “Israel” is confronted with choices such as “containing the war and seeing if ending the battle in the south (Gaza) is possible, then addressing the north (Lebanon), or letting events escalate into a war that Israel is not prepared for, or pursuing the diplomatic path.”

‘Israel’ fears West Bank fury

Faced with mounting pressure from multiple fronts, including the occupied West Bank, top Israeli official and Security Minister, Yoav Gallant, stressed the need to strengthen the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Minister and member of the war cabinet believes that the step is necessary in order to prevent Hamas’ attempts to “incite the West Bank,” The Times of Israel reported.

“Hamas is trying to connect between Gaza and [the West Bank], and to rile up the area,” Gallant warned in comments supplied by his office to Israeli media outlets.

“We must prevent this in every way and deal with the issue of laborers and money,” he said, referencing the fact that Israeli authorities have completely cut off funds to the PA.

The official also highlighted the strategic importance of the West Bank, saying that escalation in the territory “could harm our ability to achieve our war goals.”

Under fire after 100 days

The Israeli occupation is incurring significant losses on various fronts due to its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, where it continues to flounder.

Despite deploying a substantial force with the objective of dismantling the Resistance’s infrastructure and weakening its capabilities, the Israeli occupation continues to experience rocket attacks launched from within the Gaza Strip.

In fact, al-Qassam Brigades’ fighters launched a rocket attack on “Ashdod”, to the north of the Gaza Strip on Sunday. The Resistance published a video of the operation, in which multiple M-75-type rockets were launched toward the occupied city.

According to a tally published by the Israeli military, more than 11,000 rockets and projectiles have been fired from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon toward the occupied territories since October 7, 2023. 

It is worth noting that the report does not take into account multiple rockets, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones launched from Yemen and Iraq toward targets in occupied territories. Israeli authorities have maintained a high level of secrecy regarding these events and have deliberately failed to acknowledge such attacks, including a recent attack on occupied Haifa.

The majority of these projectiles were launched from the Gaza Strip, which saw the firing of around 9,000 projectiles, while 2,000 projectiles were fired from Lebanon. Israeli occupation military authorities also said that 30 rockets and projectiles were launched from Syria toward occupied territories.

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