German calls to impose sanctions against Ankara

As a result of the incendiary rhetoric directed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ankara’s stance towards Greece and Cyprus against Europe and especially against France, calls for sanctions against Turkey and even an embargo on arms sales in Germany are getting louder.

Regarding Turkey’s threats to Greece and Cyprus, Weber argues: “When Europe is threatened, you have to be clear about which side you are on. Given Turkey’s aggression against Europe, the debate can begin [for an arms embargo]. ”

This view became clear in comments from four Germans on Kathimerini – three politicians from across the political spectrum and one journalist: Manfred Weber, Chairman of the European People’s Party, Markus Tressel, Bundestag member of Allianz 90 / Die Grünen, Sevim Dagdelen, MP for the Kurdish Left Die Linke and the Handelsblatt correspondent Gerd Höhler.

Tressel, deputy chairman of the Greek-German parliamentary friendship group, said Ankara had made the demonstration of military force a political tool so that Europe could “respond in the language Turkey seems to understand better than that of the negotiations.” By undermining their military might.

For his part, Dagdelen insists that sanctions against Turkey are a one-way street, stressing that “it is extremely hypocritical for the German government to express solidarity with Greece and Cyprus on the one hand, while continuing to deliver arms to Turkey. ”

Höhler said an arms embargo “would be an important message to Turkey, but I doubt we will get there.”

“The customs union should also be reconsidered, but the economic interests are against it, mainly from the German side,” he said. The problem is not just Erdogan, but Turkey’s increasingly aggressive stance as a whole.

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