Abir Moussi: “Tunisian people happy with President Said’s decisions”

She said, “We are on the side of the Tunisian people in order to save Tunisia from the system of destruction.”

She said, “We will not allow the joy of Tunisians to be circumvented, and we will not let them down, as happened after the revolution.”

She also confirmed that the Tunisian people expressed their happiness with President Said’s decisions, because they got rid of the Brotherhood, Rashid Ghannouchi and Hisham Al-Mashishi, as she put it..

And she continued: “If we were in power, we would have stopped the destruction and the current system, now the path that is in the interest of the Tunisians must be determined.“

And she continued, “We hope that the reform will be radical, and we hope that what happened will be a result of what the Tunisian people are looking for.”


Arab Observer

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