Aguila Saleh: “We have to realize the necessity of fighting mercenaries and it’s time for economic and political solution

Libyan Parliament chairperson, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, has renewed the parliament’s commitment to the conclusions of the Berlin Conference and the provisions of the Cairo Declaration to resolve the crisis in Libya.

In a televised speech, the chairperson of Parliament called on Libyans to realize “the dangers surrounding the country and to engage in the political solution process as the only way to avoid the return of bloodshed.”

Saleh pointed out that the most dangerous threat to the settlement tracks is “attempts to create parallel paths and jump over the principles of equality and justice between Libyans, the most important of which are the rights of the residents of the three regions, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan, to express their free will in the service of their regions, choose their representatives, draft a constitution for the country and achieve national reconciliation.”

He called on the international community, represented by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and the countries supporting a political solution, “to confront the attempts to obstruct the paths of a comprehensive political settlement and help the Libyans build their state.”

The Libyan Parliament Speaker affirmed that the new presidential council, to be formed to manage the transitional period, will include among its tasks, “working to remove foreign forces and mercenaries from the country, stopping negative foreign interference, and supporting the national unity government to play its primary role in improving the living conditions of citizens.”

Its tasks also include “raising the standard of medical and educational services and preparing citizens to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for December 24, 2021,” Saleh added.


Arab Observer

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