Al-Dabaiba Government Faces Salary Delays: Dabaiba Apologizes and Pledges Action

Libya's Unity Government grapples with salary delays due to a yet-to-be-adopted budget law. Al-Dabaiba apologizes and pledges commitment to timely, fair payments for all citizens.

In a recent address, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba, the head of Libya’s National Unity Government, tackled the issue of salary delays in the country, attributing it to the yet-to-be-adopted budget law for the year. The address took place on Tuesday, 14th February 2024.

Salary Delays: A Budget Law Impasse

Al-Dabaiba stated that the main cause of the salary delays is the non-adoption of the annual budget law, leading to disruptions in payment procedures at the beginning of each year. This ongoing issue has left many Libyans in a state of financial uncertainty, causing distress and unrest.

Government Commitment to Timely Salaries

Expressing his government’s commitment, Al-Dabaiba emphasized their determination to prevent further delays in salary payments for all Libyans. He stated, “We are dedicated to ensuring timely and fair salaries that meet the challenges of life.” Despite the obstacles, Al-Dabaiba showed unwavering resolve to improve the situation for the nation’s workforce.

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