Algerian Brotherhood Calls for chaos Seeking Destruction

Events in Algeria accelerated in succession to reveal the hidden and true face of the Brotherhood and their remnants in a country that has long experienced the bitterness of terrorism.

A terrorist agenda that intersects with the terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda”, implicit in “explicit” inciting calls to chaos and violence, and to inflict Algeria with Arab countries destroyed by the Brotherhood’s devastation under the masks of revolutions, democracy and originally “forbidden” freedoms in the ABCs of the currents of religious sedition.

Al Qaeda instigates

Al-Qaeda entered the line of incitement to chaos in Algeria, calling for what he called “the resumption of the popular movement” with allegations of “getting rid of the remnants of the system” and adopting Islamic law.

An attempt to locate it comes at a time when field security data indicate that the Algerian army and the various security services have “crushed” the remnants of the terrorist organization, and inflicted heavy losses on it through pre-emptive and massive military operations that have dried up its sources of funding, paralyzed its movements, and besieged it in the mountainous heights.

The so-called “Al Qaeda Organization in the Maghreb”, led by the terrorist of Algerian origins, Abu Obeida Youssef Al-Annabi, issued a statement indicating the possibility of “carrying out terrorist operations” in Algeria, claiming that it had “stopped any activity of it that the Algerian regime could use against the Hirak.”

The terrorist organization’s statement comes to confirm information obtained by Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya earlier from Algerian security sources.

It is clear, according to observers and security experts, that “Al Qaeda in the Maghreb” found the opportunity to uncover its terrorist plans against Algeria, taking advantage of the second anniversary of the popular movement that falls next Monday, to play on the chord of populism and tickle the feelings of the Algerian youth revolution.

However, security experts assured Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that the terrorist organization has, for more than a decade, been unable to attract Algerian youth to its ranks or ranks.

They attributed this to the people’s experience in the nineties of the last century with “rhetoric sermons in which religion used a cover for extremist and terrorist ideas and actions,” led by the banned Brotherhood Terrorist Salvation Front, which caused the deaths of about a quarter of a million Algerians.

Elvis terror overlooks

In a related context, informed Algerian security sources revealed to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya” that the remnants of the so-called “Islamic Salvation Front”, the banned Brotherhood, known for short as “Elvis”, returned to action.

She indicated that the security services monitored a mobilization of the front elements inside the country, especially in the capital and some eastern and western governorates, to agitate public opinion and push extremist elements into the popular demonstrations to carry out acts of sabotage.

The Algerians accuse “Belhadj” of being the mastermind – with Abbasi Madani – of the “black decade”, which witnessed terrorist groups invading and insecurity that was the most dangerous in Algerian history, amid calls for his arrest and accountability for his previous terrorist acts and incitement to violence.

Security sources revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood, called Ali Belhadj, The second head of the Brotherhood Front, which is classified as a “terrorist organization” by the Algerian authorities, held a “secret meeting in the eucalyptus area in the capital, attended by Brotherhood leaders belonging to the terrorist front from some eastern provinces.”

The terrorist Ali Belhadj, the second head in "The Salvation Front" Brotherhood banned in Algeria

The same sources indicated to Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that the meeting came out with a plan “against the security plan drawn up by the Algerian security services in anticipation of any penetration of the demonstrations or acts of violence in accordance with the instructions to spread the remnants of the terrorist Brotherhood organization among the demonstrators to provoke the security personnel in preparation for a clash with them and turn the peaceful movement into acts of violence.” .

Clamor for my brothers

The explicit incitement of “Al Qaeda”, and with it the suspicious movement of the remnants of “Elvis” terrorist, coincided at the same time with other calls from the extremist “Rashad Movement,” the Brotherhood (based in Switzerland), emanating from the “Terrorist Salvation Front”, and most of its leaders were sentenced in absentia to imprisonment in Algeria On terrorism-related charges.

The Brotherhood’s machine intensified rumors and misleading news, questioning all events and political decisions, fabricating false news, especially about the Algerian army, and publishing fabricated pictures and videos and old ones about demonstrations in Algeria in 2019, which they claimed were “millions of demonstrations to topple the Algerian regime.”

The extremist Brotherhood movement, supported and financed by foreign intelligence, began to mobilize its electronic flies and sleeper cells in Algeria, through which it called for the restoration of the popular movement and the exit next Monday, amid official and popular warnings of a “subversive movement.”

Algerian security sources revealed, to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, that in recent weeks, the devices have monitored the movements of the sleeper Rashad cells in several governorates to strike the country’s stability through popular marches.

Demonstration against the schemes of Algeria's traitors, led by the Muslim Brotherhood

And the Algerian security services – according to the same sources – began to investigate elements of the Brotherhood movement for its attempt to move the street, some of them political activists and others belonging to suspicious associations.

They monitored “contacts between them and leaders from the Rashad Brotherhood movement and foreign parties,” the security sources preferred not to mention.

The sources emphasized that the Rashad Brotherhood movement aims to “exploit the second anniversary of the popular movement, to blow up the home front by expelling Algerians to the street, intensifying lies and misleading news, and loading the Algerian government with the problems the country has been experiencing since its independence or which it inherited from the era of the previous regime.”

Formal warnings

Meanwhile, official warnings have recently escalated about “a suspicious plot to drag Algeria into chaos on the eve of the second anniversary of the popular movement.”

Ammar Belhimer, the official spokesman for the Algerian government and the Minister of Information, warned that “internal parties supported by externally”, referring to the radical Muslim Brotherhood “Rashad” movement and the separatist “MAC” organization, are seeking to cause discord in the country.

He revealed that his country had monitored fake pages on communication sites run by foreign countries calling on Algerians to continue the popular movement and “take up arms”, calling on Algerians to “unify ranks and strengthen the home front to thwart internal and external conspiracies.”


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