An Arab surprise and anticipation for a “miracle” … Features of the Round of 16 of the African Nations

In the second group, the Malawi team succeeded in imposing a goalless draw against Senegal, the runner-up of the previous edition of the tournament, at the same time, the Zimbabwe team succeeded in achieving a major surprise, despite bidding farewell to the tournament from the previous stage, but it succeeded in winning against Guinea, led by Naby Keita, with two goals against one goal. .

Senegal qualified as the group leader despite scoring a single goal in the opening match against Zimbabwe from a penalty kick in added time, while the matches between Guinea and Malawi were tied negatively.

The Guinean team finished second in the group with 4 points, thanks to its superiority in the direct confrontation against Malawi, who has the same balance, who is awaiting his position on qualification.

Historic win

In the third group, despite the difficult scenario of the Gabon match, the Moroccan team managed to kidnap a difficult draw with two goals for the same, to continue to lead the group with 7 points, followed by the Gabon team with 5 points.

In a major surprise, the Comoros team scored the first victory in its first historic appearance in the Nations Cup against Ghana, to win and collect its first 3 points with a 3-2 victory, to ensure the Arab team third place with 3 points, waiting for its position to rise as the third best, while bidding farewell to the Black Stars of the tournament in a big surprise after collecting a single point from the draw against the leaders of the group Gabon.

complex calculations

The Comoros team needs Egypt and Nigeria to win against Sudan and Guinea Bissau in Group D, with Algeria losing to Côte d’Ivoire, and Equatorial Guinea’s victory against Sierra Leone in Group E, to snatch Comoros with a historic card in the round of 16.

The top owners of the land

Cameroon was at the top of its first group, followed by Burkina Faso with 4 points, ahead of Cape Verde III, on a goal difference, while Ethiopia exited the tournament with a single point.

The winners of the first and second places from the six groups qualify for the round of 16, in addition to the best 4 thirds of the groups, according to who scored the most points.

The Nigerian team was within the qualification and topped the fourth group with 6 points, while the rest of the qualification papers are still scattered among the contenders.

Fourth group

The Nigerian team is in the lead, followed by the Egyptian team, which needs to win or draw any result against Sudan in the last round on Wednesday evening to ensure qualification for second place, after losing all its chances at the top.

For his part, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau, who meet Nigeria, are seeking to snatch the boarding card by winning only, as it is no longer possible to qualify with less than 3 points.

Fifth group

The ranking of Group E has not yet been determined, as Algeria, bottom of the group, still has the chance to top the group.

The Greens are at the bottom of the group with one point, while Cote d’Ivoire is leading the group with 4 points, followed by Equatorial Guinea with 3 points, and then Sierra Leone with two points.

Algeria meets Côte d’Ivoire in the last round, while Guinea faces Sierra Leone.

Algeria’s victory by two goals, with Equatorial Guinea’s equalizer, guarantees Algeria the top of the group by goal difference, after the three teams tied on the same points, and direct confrontations. As for Algeria’s victory by any other result, it guarantees its promotion second, provided that Guinea and Sierra Leone are not tied, which will complicate the Greens’ accounts.

As for Algeria’s draw or loss, it means saying goodbye to the defending champion in the tournament early, without considering any other results.

Sixth group

The Mali team came close to the top of the group after scoring 4 points, and an easy confrontation awaits against Mauritania, the only team in the tournament that did not manage to collect any point during the tournament, while the other side is waiting for a fiery confrontation between the surprise of the tournament, Gambia, which scored 4 points, against Tunisia with 3 points. .

Tunisia is only seeking to win the Gambia match in order to qualify, and avoid entering the third place calculations.


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