Announcement of the formation of a Libyan national unity government in the near future

Morocco will host a new round of Libyan dialogue, with the participation of two delegations representing the Supreme Council of State and House of Representatives, in Bouznika, south of the capital, Rabat.


It is expected that the members of the “13 + 13 Committee” will continue consultations in Morocco on the sovereign positions stipulated in Article 15 of the Skhirat Agreement.

The new round of the Libyan dialogue in Morocco comes more than a month after a coordination meeting was held in Tangiers, Morocco, which ended with an agreement to form a mini-working group to complete the mechanisms and distribute the sovereign positions, which were approved in the Libyan dialogue sessions in Bouznika, and to consider how to implement the understandings reached by the two councils during the last period.

On Thursday, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy welcomed the establishment of a mechanism that is supposed to allow the selection of a temporary transitional executive authority in Libya.

“This vote constitutes a major step towards the country’s unity. The forum’s decision (constitutes) an echo of the demands of the Libyan people, which unequivocally call for a change of the situation,” the statement added.

“The governments of France, Germany, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom welcome the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum vote in favor of a new interim executive authority selection mechanism that will allow national elections to be held in Libya on December 24, 2021,” a statement issued by the French Foreign Ministry said.

On the other hand, the United Nations Mission in Libya said that the nominations for the leadership of a new unified transitional government should take place within a week and that the candidates should be voted on in early February.

Moreover, the United Nations noted that the dialogue members will vote on candidates for leadership positions for the new government in Switzerland from February 1 to 5.


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