At least 18 dead during break up of Iraq’s Karbala protests: Medical sources

At least 18 people were killed during the break up of a sit-in by protesters in Iraq’s Karbala early Tuesday morning, medical sources told our reporters.

Demonstrators accused security forces of running over protesters and shooting live gunfire to disband the sit-ins fueled by anger at corruption, economic stagnation and poor public services.

Earlier reports said that at least two anti-government protesters were killed and 105 were wounded in clashes with security forces in central Baghdad on Monday as thousands of students took to the streets in defiance of a government order and tear gas from security forces.

Security forces have fired tear gas and stun grenades on Monday night to keep protesters from crossing a main bridge leading to the Green Zone, home to government offices and embassies.

At least 72 protesters have been killed since nationwide anti-government protests resumed on Friday, after 149 were killed during an earlier wave of protests this month.


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