Biden refuses to respond to Israeli Prime Minister calls

On Tuesday evening, Israeli Channel 13 reported that US President Joe Biden refused to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s calls 3 weeks ago.

According to a press report, the US President refuses to hold talks on the Iranian issue with the Israeli Prime Minister.

The channel revealed that Bennett’s office is trying to coordinate a phone call with Biden, but the White House has not responded to the Israeli request until this moment.

In a related context, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan arrived today in Tel Aviv for a one-day working visit to discuss the Iranian nuclear project.

It is noteworthy that there is a difference in the views of both Washington and Tel Aviv on the Iranian nuclear file, while the US administration wants to return to the agreement, Israel believes that the international community must unite to force Tehran to abandon its nuclear project.

And the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported that the US official will meet the Israeli president tonight, and will meet the prime minister and the defense and foreign ministers on Wednesday.

And it reported this evening, Tuesday, that the US President refuses to hold phone conversations with the Israeli Prime Minister regarding the Iranian issue, explaining that Naftali Bennett’s office has been trying for more than three weeks to coordinate a phone call with Joe Biden, but the White House did not respond to the Israeli request. until this moment.

The Israeli Prime Minister and US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, had previously telephoned and talked about the Vienna negotiations, but the latter asked to talk about the extent to which Israel would continue building illegal settlements on Palestinian lands, which Bennett did not accept.

The Hebrew channel confirmed that the attempt to coordinate a phone call between Bennett and Biden began before the resumption of the Vienna negotiations, on the twenty-ninth of last November, as the Israeli Prime Minister wanted to hold a conversation related to those negotiations and the extent of the American administration’s handling of them, as Naftali Bennett did not receive any Reply from Biden.

It is noteworthy that Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, arrived in Israel today, Tuesday, on a one-day working visit to discuss the Iranian nuclear project.

During the Vienna talks, Tehran focuses on the issue of lifting sanctions, and confirms that it will not accept a new agreement or undertake any commitment, more than what was stated in the aforementioned agreement, while Israel, on the other hand, considers the Iranian nuclear program a threat to it, and says that it “is not bound by the agreement.” It had previously hinted at its readiness to take military action against Iran to defend its security.


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