Bin Laden’s Secret Commandments: The New Face Of Terror

The book “Les testaments secrets de Ben Laden” (Jean Pécolec, Paris, first edition, 2014 (373 pages)) has two main parts: Roland Jacquard and Othman Zoghart. The first is to document the history of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, And the continued pursuit of him since 1984 by US military equipment until his death in Abutabad in 2011, a process carried out by the American Commandos on May 2, 2011; and the second: analyzes some documents [1]found by the CIA during the operation .
Refutes the best-selling theoretical documents in recent years following the terrorist attacks of September 11. Many specialists in jihadist movements, as well as the centers of studies on the phenomenon of global terrorism, believed that the al-Qaeda leader lived in isolation and that the weakened disease prevented him from coordinating with his organization, and thus constituted only an ideological reference to jihadists in the world. Bin Laden remained until the last days in direct contact with his cadres and leaders, and was scrutinizing all the financial and operational aspects [2] .
An unfamiliar funeral
The authors put us in the time frame for the implementation of Abbottabad and the reasons that accompanied it: On May 2, 2011, at 8 am, a helicopter landed over the USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Sea. The US President Barack Obama announced to the world the death of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, north of the Pakistani capital.
Bin Laden’s body was subjected to rigorous medical tests to verify his identity. In addition to the DNA examination, the body was taken and taken (15) photographs, three of them after washing. Obama has demanded that he not publish shocking pictures of him. In an unusual funeral, the burial was carried out according to Islamic tradition or Islamic law. [3] The body was washed in three stages: washing with soap, washing with pure water, and finally washing with water mixed with camphor, and buried in the Arabian Sea.
Osama bin Laden … Jihad is reversed
The authors note that in 1984 Osama bin Laden’s name appeared for the first time in the archives of the CIA. He was listed as “three Saudis supporting the Afghan mujahedeen” during the Islamic Jihad era against the Soviet Union. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989 and the return of bin Laden to Saudi Arabia to pursue his work, an unexpected event took place instead of his life towards a new kind of jihad. At the beginning of the fall of 1990, Saudi authorities asked the American war to protect the kingdom after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Bin Laden considered the request to be a degeneracy of Islamic holy places by “atheist forces.” He called for the formation of a military force composed of Arab Afghans who fought against the Soviet forces in order to confront the Iraqi army, but Saudi Defense Minister Sultan bin Abdul Aziz rejected the proposal. Bin Laden decided, as the authors point out, to wage jihad against the Saudi royal family and its infidels, establishing the so-called “jihadist tribe of the global jihadists”. [4] Saudi Arabia has paid no attention to Bin Laden’s speech at a point where he has avoided clashes with clerics since US forces entered Saudi Arabia, but later denied him to Sudan. His family continued to support him financially, provided he did not engage in any political action. The CIA realized that Osama bin Laden was not only the financial backer of the global jihad, but the head of the thinker, and this trend was reinforced by lengthy investigations supported by several sources.
Search for Osama bin Laden
Washington has fought a long war in search of Osama bin Laden, and the US intelligence operations have failed several operations. After the bombing of the United States embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998, Richard Clarke, the White House counterterrorism coordinator under President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, set out a strategic plan – political, diplomatic and military – to end the threat posed by bin Laden, The plan is titled “Target Dilinda” [5] . It included three axes:
  1. Military action unites US secret operations with the aim of destroying camps in which al Qaeda is holed up.
  2. Parallel diplomatic work to capture Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda military leaders and refer them to US military courts.
  3. The drying up of financial resources on which Osama bin Laden relies.
The plan did not lead to any result, and was followed by other schemes, especially after the success of Osama bin Laden to rely on the policy of concealment and camouflage in the Bora Bora Bora in Afghanistan, to the extent that the spokesman for the Pentagon: Colonel Brian Hilverty, told Reuters in 2002, saying: “Bin Laden is like a rock singer: Elvis Presley, he has not appeared since he disappeared.”
The American strategy to combat global terrorism has suffered great disappointments, especially after the escape of Osama bin Laden from Tora Bora following the 9/11 attacks that forced Americans to pursue him and hit the strongholds of extremism in Afghanistan without reaching the top of al Qaeda leader who fled to Pakistan.
Secret Archive in Abbottabad
In addition to the 50 soldiers, about 20 CIA agents participated in the operation to capture the al-Qaeda leader’s secret archive, and hastily, at the limit of 40 minutes (10) thousands of pages, 15 computers, 10 CDs and hundreds of USB keys. To that, a collection of religious, geopolitical and military-style books was found. The most important treasure is a small handwritten notebook of 82 pages, in which bin Laden wrote his observations. [7]
Three days after the attack on Abbottabad, the archive was moved to a secret location at an intelligence center in Virginia. American specialists have argued that it is necessary to first index and analyze the documents obtained, which takes time. Therefore, a committee set up an initial analysis of the documents was based on its “key words” analysis technique, which appears to contain the names of US and European cities on the Al Qaeda list.
The Commission identified three objectives in its work:
  1. Identify all offensive operations referred to in the documentation.
  2. He raised a list of all the jihadist leaders that Osama bin Laden had been in contact with in recent months before his death.
  3. To produce a detailed account of the coordination between bin Laden and his military leaders, with a view to briefing the internal workings of al-Qaeda.
The authors point out that the committee submitted (400) a report containing its findings, which includes the method of operation of the base and its jihadi projects.
Jihadi precepts
Osama bin Laden’s book on jihadist precepts. He called on al-Qaeda members to carry out large-scale operations by exploiting symbolic events such as America’s Independence Day, September 11, 2001, New Year’s Day, the opening day of the UN General Assembly The United States in New York, major sports competitions, and political and cultural events that bring together a wide and important audience.
The new figure, however, is a bin Laden scenario, in which he sees the possibility of infiltration of some non-Muslim American groups between black or marginalized Spanish communities by dominant white elites to do joint work with jihadist volunteers.
In another observation, bin Laden wondered if suicide bombers could be vaccinated, liquid explosives or other substances. The nuclear jihad, for bin Laden, was an old obsession, and he spoke about it twice in his notebook.And placed on the scale of its nuclear targets to carry out acts of jihad to destabilize the systems in some Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union, to benefit from the chaos, and the seizure of nuclear arsenals or fissile materials.
Bin Laden’s book contained a dangerous note that alarmed American specialists, in which he pointed out the importance of assigning cybercriminals to investigate Internet networks in order to detect potential spills that are distributed to secret codes of US defense systems. The authors point out that after a period of instructions from bin Laden on this subject, a leak from a PQP network uncovered a large cache of private units of the “For Prague”, containing special information related to (50) thousand US military. [8]
Terrorist scenarios
Among the bin Laden’s future scenarios are three terrorist operations: the first scenario, a catastrophic scenario devoted to the al-Qaeda leader with great interest [9] and detailed, aimed at attacking the movement of traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, in order to disrupt the movement of oil trade through terrorist attacks Which would create chaos in the global economy.
Osama bin Laden remained obsessed with the repetition of the September 11 attacks, so he was planning a terrorist air attack on American soil. To this end, he developed a series of scenarios within his own ideas: first, to divert some smaller, easier-to-navigate planes to break down on a number of famous American bridges, such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or one of Chicago’s animated bridges. The second is to turn a plane’s course and crush it on crowds, during major sporting events such as Super Bowl. The third most ambitious scenario: the attack on the US presidential plane, but this scenario was met with disdain and rejection by some of the leaders of Al Qaeda, and in order to avoid a collision with bin Laden, one of them – a military operations officer – the assassination of Vice President Joe Biden during Performing his duties outside US territory. But the project was rejected by bin Laden, saying: “The vice president is an inadequate, unimportant and unknown figure to set it as a strategic goal, and we must take Obama’s goal” because it is the symbol of American power.
The authors drew attention to a confidential report, which showed that a group of Saudi activists living in London and computer experts had put their hands on a very confidential file that had been misidentified on a US Air Force Web site. Fatal error – The broad public, especially potential terrorists, has reached the secret codes of anti-missile missile defenses in the US aircraft. The leak also included secret maps separating the US Air Force One and Air Force Two planes, revealing, in particular, the secret intelligence facilities of the two bodies, as well as a very sensitive report on the weaknesses of the presidential plane . It is noted, for example, that if the oxygen tanks were targeted at the medical center on the Air Force One presidential plane, [10]
In addition to the naval and air attacks, Bin Laden put into his notebook a scenario similar to the events of 9/11, involving terrorist attacks on planes and trains in smaller US cities with less security control than major cities such as Washington, New York and Los Angeles .
The orphan poem
From a remarkable document, a poem written by Usama bin Laden by the jihadists and threatened by the “invaders”, we quote them in their detailed form as shown in the appendix:
Remember what I told you about your security and security, and Baghdad, the House of the Caliphate, you will not take it, God willing, and we will fight you as long as the arms hold with our hands, if it fell in the hands of our sons.Let our mothers leave us if we leave you on our land, Diarra.
And how does the night sleep? Fight until the grievances go away
You have not lied to the Lord of the house Conspicuous as long as the sword exists
And I was invaded by people invaded The eggs are beaten with tortoise skulls
There is no peace until the infidels fall in vain Do not even fit defeats
And God has calculated and yes agent, and God Maulana and not loyal to you.
In the heart of al-Adar [11] jihad
The inquisitiveness of interrogators during the investigation into Bin Laden’s archive has sparked many films of horror alongside martial arts films. The pornographic films seemed to be an unusual element for someone claiming piety and a religious governor. In the end, video analysis revealed that it had another function, and through the use of stéganographie (the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one other than the sender and the recipient concerned could doubt the existence of the message) the al-Qaeda leaders concealed sensitive information sent to Osama bin Laden through pictures or videos Creativity.
In November 2010, al-Qaeda leader in Yemen Nasser al-Wahishi presented an ambitious plan to liberate a large area of ​​Abyan with the aim of declaring the Islamic caliphate. Contrary to expectations, bin Laden rejected the proposal, saying: “It is too early to establish the Islamic Caliphate state.” However, Wahashi tried to convince him on the basis of several geographic and political data, but bin Laden refused – once again – and was decisive with him, stressing – and again – that the time is not ripe for the establishment of the Caliphate, and that the focus is on the main objective: the fight against the United States. [12]
Zawahri: The structure of the military organization
After the death of Osama bin Laden, his successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, made changes within the organization in order to establish his authority, especially after the death of Said al-Masri [13] (Mustafa Abu al-Yazid), a founding member of al-Qaeda and bin Laden’s black fund, Representation of the “Egyptian family” within the Shura Council [14] The organization of 13 members, including four Egyptians.
Zawahri decided three months after his election to expand the Shura Council to include new members. He also reorganized the military council to include military training, communications and documentation, operations management, global coordination, finance, and special operations.
Rule: Replace the name
Ironically, three weeks before his death, Osama bin Laden recorded his notebook: “Global media never mentions the full name of our organization,” the base of jihad, “but merely says” al-Qaeda, “a typical name that has no direct reference to Islam, Which has killed hundreds of victims, including Muslims. We have to change the name “in order to push the media to adopt it fully.” Ten days later, he wrote again in the last pages of the book: “It may be wise to change the name of the rule by the” organization of monotheism and jihad “or” the reorganization of the caliphate. “
The book is full of information. It can be considered as a rich reference to the ordinary reader and experts in Islamic Jihad movements.
Roland Jacquard: President of the International Observatory for Terrorism. Strategic Adviser to many Governments and international organizations. Author of many best-selling books in the world. His book “Au nom d’Oussama Ben Laden”, published shortly before September 11, 2001, has been translated into 27 languages, including Arabic.Published jointly with Othman Ziegart (Ben Laden, La Destruction Programée de l’Occident): “Bin Laden: The Planned Destruction of the West” by Jean-Piccoul’s French House (2004).
** Editor of the channel (France 24). He holds a postgraduate degree in “Languages ​​and Civilizations of Eastern Societies” from the Sorbonne (Paris III). A researcher specializing in radical Islam and has put in this field many books and basic surveys published in the West and the Arab world.
[1] The book included a series of important documents that were placed in an appendix, not only the Osama bin Laden archive found in Abbottabad, but other documents of great importance in studying the phenomenon of jihadist Islam.
[2] Osama bin Laden personally believed in all the terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Qaeda in the world since the attacks in Madrid (2004) and London (2005) and even the attempt to blow up the Nigerian Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab over the US city of Detroit on December 25, .
[3] In his book “Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace,” Leon Panetta (former CIA chief) pointed out that the al-Qaeda leader was buried in And was wrapped in a white shroud, and then his body was inserted into a black bag.
[4] – The book included bin Laden’s secret teachings, including a document on the establishment of the “global jihadist tribe of the people of the qiblah,” in which he declared: “The declaration of jihad against the occupiers of the lands of the two holy places” . A message from the Army of the people of the Qibla to its Muslim brethren in the whole world and the Arabian Peninsula in particular. It is not hidden from you what the people of Islam suffered injustice, injustice and aggression of the alliance of Jews and Christians and their supporters, until the blood of Muslims became cheaper blood, and their wealth and wealth to the enemies. The most recent of these attacks was that the Muslims suffered the greatest calamity they had suffered since the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), namely, the conquest of the land of the Two Holy Mosques, the House of Islam and the Pillar of Revelation and the source of the message. There’s no strength except with Allah. In the shadow of this reality, and in light of the blessed blessed awakening that covered the world and the Islamic world in particular, I meet today with you after the long absence of the unjust crusade led by America on the scholars of Islam. “ (See: p. 254 of the book).
[5] – (Delenda) A Latin word means destruction.
[6] The book points out that the US intelligence agents involved in the operation are from the most experienced “bin Laden section,” some of whom have experience in countering basic terrorism to about 15 years.
[7] The Lebanese newspaper Al Mustaqbal has translated excerpts from the book “Bin Laden’s Last Commandments” some of which were quoted in this review. See: Shaoul, Paul, excerpts from the recently published book of Bin Laden’s Writings in Paris: The Secret Letters and Codes of the Al Qaeda Leader, Al Mustaqbal, Tuesday 16 September 2014, No. 5152, p.
[8] Shaoul, Paul, excerpts from the recently published book of Bin Laden’s Writings in Paris: The Secret Letters and Codes of the Al Qaeda Leader, op. Cit.
[9] Among the documents included in the book is a document in Bin Ladin’s handwriting specifying his plan to hit oil supplies. (See book, p. 348).
[10] Shaoul, Paul, excerpts from the recently published “Bin Laden’s Wills” in Paris: The Secret Letters and Codes of the Al Qaeda Leader, op. Cit.
[11] The mythical living antagonist has nine heads and is called hydra. (31) in the heart of the Jihad al-Adar, with the aim of referring to the multiple heads of terrorism.
[12] newspaper ” The Independent” British explained -based to the documents found in Abbottabad published by the CIA 103 of them in the month of May 2015 – that bin Laden advised his followers to focus their attacks on American targets, noting that “books a letter to the militants in North Africa, to urge them to stop insisting on the establishment of an Islamic state, and are net instead to attack the embassies of the United States and American oil companies. ” She added that bin Laden sent a letter to “Al Qaeda” in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemeni branch of the organization, to stop attacks on local targets and begin to launch attacks on US interests. Osama bin Laden warned his followers of the formation «Daesh», Al – Hayat newspaper, Thursday, May 21 / May 2015, the following link Manual:
[13]– The general commander of al Qaeda in Afghanistan, has gained the confidence of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, also known as “Sheikh Saeed al-Masri,” who was born in December (December) 1955 in the eastern province of the Nile Delta in Egypt, who participated in the establishment of al-Qaeda in 1989 after his participation in the Afghan jihad. And he worked as an accountant with the bin Laden during his years in Sudan, before being forced to leave in 1996 on his way to Afghanistan. The announcement was appointed commander in chief of al Qaeda in Afghanistan in May 2007. Mustafa Abu al-Yazid took over the leadership of al Qaeda’s mission in Afghanistan after the assassination of Mullah Dadullah. And Abu al-Yazid was on the list of individuals, organizations and charities whose assets were frozen by the US Treasury Department in the wake of the September 11 attacks (September 2001) on the United States. Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, the face of al-Qaeda, the site of the island. Net, on the following link Manual:
[14] – The book included in the documentation supplement, a hierarchy of members of the shura council of al Qaeda, at the top of the pyramid of Prince Abu Abdullah (ie Bin Laden). (Raj book: p . 320).

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