Burhan Appointed as President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council

Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) chose five of its members to represent it in the sovereign council, which has recently been announced after reaching an agreement between military rulers and the main opposition coalition.

The TMC also decided that General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan would assume the presidency of the sovereign council that will chair the first transitional period

Meanwhile, the five members included Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Gen. Salah Abdelkhalig, Lt. Gen. Shamsuddin Al-Kabbashi and Lt. Gen. Yasser Al-Atta.

On August 4, The TMC and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change agreed on a constitutional declaration to govern the transitional period following months of political instability.

The declaration stipulated that the presidency of the Transitional Sovereign Council shall be assumed by the military for the first period of 21 months. It shall be composed of five representatives of the military and five representatives of the civil community, in addition to one other member who will be appointed by a collective vote.

The civilian-picked prime minister will appoint a cabinet where the defense and home ministry seats have been reserved by the military.

Abdelkhalig stressed that the constitutional agreement was “one of the most important strategic achievements, as it has saved the country from the civil war disaster.”

Meanwhile, Cairo is expected to witness important talks between representatives of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front and the coalition of Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, to negotiate controversial issues between the two parties related to achieving peace and ending war with the armed movements.

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