Dahlan rejects remarks of US Ambassador Friedman on replacing the Palestinian leadership

Spokesman of the group Dimitry Diliani said in a press statement sent to reporters that the Democratic Reformists followed with deep anger what US ambassador to the Israeli occupation David Friedman, had said about the American administration’s thinking of Muhammad Dahlan to be a leader of the Palestinian people.

The Democratic Reformists in Fatah movement led by leader Mohammed Dahlan rejected and condemned on Thursday the US Ambassador in Israel David Friedman’s statements on what he earlier stated over the issue of the Palestinian presidency replacement.

Dahalan added “Friedman’s remarks are rejected, condemned and unacceptable”

He added, “The Palestinian people are the only ones who choose their leaders through the boxes of ballots.”

Also Diliani said that the democratic reformists and its leader Mohammed Dahlan had demanded several times and are still calling for holding the presidential and legislative elections after it hadn’t been held for more than fifteen years.

Diliani stressed that Friedman’s remarks are an insult to the Palestinian people, a devoid of diplomatic principles, interference in the internal affairs of our people, and a reflection of a state of arrogance and racism that reflects the extremist Zionist settlement mentality that controls the actions, decisions, and statements of the White House ambassador to the state of occupation.

He added that late President Yasser Arafat left us a clear political legacy, which is that there will be no president for the Palestinian people except with the determination of the Palestinians alone.

“election ballots are the only way that decides who will come as president,” said Diliani.

Arab Observer

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