Day 119: 27,131 Palestinians Martyred , 66,287 Injured

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the IOF has committed 13 massacres in Gaza in the past 24 years, killing 112 Palestinians and injuring 148 others.  

This brings the current death toll to 27,131 Palestinians martyred and 66,287 injured since October 7.

They added that thousands of victims are still under the rubble and ambulances as well as civil defense workers are unable to reach them due to Israeli aggression. 

UNICEF Director: Terror in Gaza must stop now

The Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Catherine Russell, described the scenes she witnessed during a rare visit to Gaza as “tragic”, urging a stop to this “terror”.

Russell emphasized that what she saw and heard “was heartbreaking,” adding, “They have endured bombing, loss and repeated displacement within the Strip. There is no safe place for Gaza’s million children to take refuge.”

She added that grave violations are being committed against children, including killing, mutilation, kidnapping, attacks on schools and hospitals, and the prevention of the arrival of humanitarian aid, all of which UNICEF condemns, stressing that more than 10,000 children were murdered in Gaza.

Russell stated that many children “are missing and are believed to be buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings and homes, which is the tragic result of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.” 

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