Day 235 of Israeli Aggression: 36,096 Martyred, 81,136 Injured in Gaza

All hospitals in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, are out of service except for Tal al-Sultan Maternity Hospital as the Israeli occupation continues its aggression.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7 has risen to  36,096, in addition to 81,136 injuries, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported Tuesday. 

The Israeli occupation committed five massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 46 and injuring 110 in the past 24 hours, it added. 

Many martyrs remain under the rubble and on the streets as the IOF prevent ambulances and civil defense crews from reaching them. 

It is believed that these numbers are nowhere near the true number of victims of “Israel’s” genocidal war in Gaza, as Palestinian healthcare authorities face significant challenges in accurately tallying the number of martyrs wounded and individuals dying beneath the rubble.

In addition, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that since the start of the war on Gaza, “Israel” has killed 500 medical staff members. 

Israeli aggression in Gaza puts more hospitals out of service

All hospitals in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip are out of service except for Tal al-Sultan Maternity Hospital as it struggles on its own to continue functioning and providing services to patients in Rafah Governorate, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reported. 

Six hospitals have gone out of service as a result of the continuation and expansion of the Israeli incursion into Rafah and its deliberate targeting of health facilities and institutions, causing severe damage and killing several crew members amid the difficulty of reaching these hospitals, which are as follows:

  • Abu Youssef al-Najjar Hospital
  • Abu al-Walid Central Clinic
  • The Rafah Field Hospital (2)
  • The Kuwait Specialized Hospital
  • The Indonesian Field Hospital
  • Tal al-Sultan Clinic

As part of the IOF’s deliberate targeting of health institutions in Gaza, it bombed the Indonesian Field Hospital on Monday night and the vicinity of Tal al-Sultan Clinic, the Ministry said. 

It further urged all UN and international organizations to protect all hospitals, medical staff, and ambulances from the brutality and arrogance of the Israeli occupation. 

Regardless… ‘Israel’ is still attacking Rafah 

The Israeli occupation continues its massacres against Palestinians in Gaza as Al Mayadeen’s correspondent reported on violent and continuous Israeli bombing, especially on Rafah, south of the Strip. 

“Israel” has been violently and continuously bombing Rafah through artillery shelling and aerial and drone bombing in parallel with its incursion toward Salah al-Din Gate in the western region along the border with Egypt. 

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent confirmed that up until now, the Israeli bombing has not stopped as it has targeted most of the western areas of Rafah. 

Our correspondent also confirmed that Israeli occupation tanks were stationed on the Zo’rob Hill on the Palestinian-Egyptian border, while the IOF bulldozed the Zo’rob cemetery, west of Rafah. 

This comes as the death toll from the Israeli bombing of Rafah in only a few hours rose to 16.

Amid the Israeli aerial and artillery bombardment and attacks on several homes in the vicinity of the Zo’rob roundabout, Tal al-Sultan, and al-Saudi neighborhood, the area west of Rafah witnessed mass displacement. 

The IOF did not only randomly shelled and bombed the area, but they also launched a series of raids on the tents of displaced Palestinians northwest of the city, our correspondent said.

Our correspondent said that the Israeli occupation artillery shelled the minarets of several mosques in the al-Saudi and Tal al-Sultan neighborhoods, west of Rafah. 

In the Tal al-Sultan area as well, IOF vehicles opened fire on a civil defense ambulance as it was evacuating an injured Palestinian from the area.

The internet and electricity have also been cut off from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital since the morning of May 27. 

As for the north, IOF aircraft bombed a group of Palestinians attempting to return to al-Faluja in Jabalia camp, killing and injuring several of them.

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