Day 248 of Israeli Aggression: 37,124 Martyred, 84,712 Injured in Gaza

The number of injuries reaching the Nasser Medical Hospital is on the rise due to the Israeli aggression on Rafah city.

The number of Palestinians killed since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza on October 7 has risen to 37,124 and those injured to 84,712, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed on Monday.

In its daily report, the Health Ministry mentioned that the Israeli occupation forces committed five massacres within 24 hours only, killing a total of 40 and injuring 814 others.

It noted that several victims remain under the rubble and on the roads, as ambulance and civil defense crews are unable to reach them.

In a separate statement, the ministry cautioned that the only station supplying oxygen to healthcare facilities and chronic patients in Gaza Governorate is at risk of shutting down within hours.

According to the statement, this would endanger the lives of dozens of patients and risk the spoilage of medicines in refrigerators due to the lack of diesel to operate the generator that powers the oxygen station and medicine refrigerators.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza appealed to all relevant, international, and humanitarian organizations to intervene swiftly regarding this matter.

Our correspondent in Gaza reported that the number of injuries reaching the Nasser Medical Hospital is on the rise due to the Israeli aggression on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.

He confirmed that the aggression is ongoing in areas west of Rafah, which the Israeli occupation military had previously claimed were “safe”.

In eastern Khan Younis, eight people were killed and several others were injured after the Israeli occupation forces bombarded an inhabited house, our correspondent mentioned.

Following the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from eastern Deir al-Balah to reposition, some Palestinian citizens attempted to return to their homes, but the occupation forces targeted them with artillery shelling and opened fire on them from quadcopter drones.

Later, our correspondent confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces repositioned in the eastern areas of Deir al-Balah, as medical teams began retrieving the bodies of several martyrs.

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