Democrats accept a settlement to end the paralysis of the federal government

Democrats in the Senate agreed on a temporary budget settlement that would end the paralysis of the federal government, their leader Chuck Schumer said Monday.

“After discussions and several counter-proposals and offers, I reached an agreement with the Republican leader,” Schumer said.

“We will vote today to stop the paralysis of the government and continue to negotiate a comprehensive agreement” on the fate of hundreds of thousands of clandestine immigrants who have reached the United States.
Democrats have so far refused to vote on this temporary extension without guaranteed guarantees so they can stay in the United States and correct their situation.

The paralysis of the government began midnight Saturday, preventing hundreds of thousands of employees from going to their duty stations on Monday morning.

The agreement between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate provides a deadline to approve the budget until February 8 and a real debate on the fate of immigrants.

But the House of Representatives has to approve that the text adopted by the Senate is different from that which was approved earlier Thursday.

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