Describing America as an “evil country” .. Who is the Saudi shooter in Florida?

Describing America as an “evil country” .. Who is the Saudi shooter in Florida? at about 6:30 am on Friday, thousands of military and civilian personnel were on their way to work at the Pensacola Air Force Base in Florida, when the Saudi shooter opened fire on a classroom, killing three people and wounding eight others Injured.

The ABC network said that investigators are seeking to find out whether the shooter, who was reported by the media as Saudi Aviation Officer Muhammad al-Shamrani, had committed this crime for religious or ideological reasons, or if there was a problem or hostility that arose during his participation in a military training in Al-Qaeda.

Investigators discovered that Al-Shammari had posted a similar statement in his Twitter account (his account is now suspended) showing hatred toward the United States as he described it as a “evil country.”

According to the site that follows the news of extremist groups, “SITE”, Al-Shammari wrote in the post addressed to the “American people”: “I am not against you because you are only Americans, I do not hate you because of your freedoms, I hate you because you every day support, finance and commit crimes not only against Muslims but also Against humanity .. I am against evil, and America in general has turned into an evil country. “

He added that he “hates” America as well because of “its support for Israel and the invasion of Muslim countries.” He quoted a speech by former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden: “Security is a common destiny. You will not feel security until we live in reality in (Palestine), and the American forces leave our lands.”

Site manager Rita Katz wrote on Twitter that Shammari’s words suggest “motivated by terrorism”, noting that he “does not claim loyalty to any group, but he emulates bin Laden”:

Katz pointed out in another tweet that the Florida attack is similar to previous attacks that saw terrorists infiltrate American military facilities by various means, and opened fire on American workers in them, such as the King Faisal Air Force Base in Jordan in November 2016, and several other incidents in Afghanistan.

By referring to his Twitter account archive, most of his posts are religious.

Al-Shamrani published a story related to US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

The second lieutenant in the Saudi army has been in training for “the US Air Force’s foreign military sales” for a three-year period that began in 2017 and was scheduled to end in August next year, according to David Eastbourne, a Pentagon spokesman.

The spokesman mentioned, according to statements by American media, that the training includes educational courses for English and aviation funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He revealed that 5181 foreign students from 153 countries, including 852 Saudis, are currently in the United States to attend training in the field of security cooperation at the Ministry of Defense.

It is noteworthy that in the middle of last November, the US Navy had announced that 18 naval pilots and two Saudi Arabian Navy aircraft crews were training with the US Navy, including a mission at the Pensacola base where the shooting took place.

According to American media, the Ministry of Defense is examining security personnel in relation to drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption and criminal behavior.

How did he commit the crime?

According to available information, the shooter was able to obtain a pistol and enter it for the base, although the introduction of weapons to the base is prohibited only to security personnel.

Escampia County Police Chief David Morgan confirmed that the shooter was carrying a semi-automatic weapon. The New York Times said that he bought a Glock (9 ml) pistol from the local market, entered it for the base, and had more than four weapons stockpiles in his possession.

The Saudi shot at the classroom building at about half past six in the morning local time, which is the rush hour for about 10,000 workers who go to this base.

It appears that he was shooting indiscriminately, and fortunately, I decreased the number of victims because one person managed to block one of the doors on the way to the exit, which enabled others to escape.

Morgan, who inspected the crime scene, said he looked like “movie set”, adding: “No one expected that.”

Jeff Berggush, the base’s facilities director who had arrived in Tor there at this morning, said workers got stuck inside their cars after the base closed, and watched the police and ambulance cars rush to the spot.

The New York Times, quoting a source familiar with the investigations, reported that six Saudis were detained after the shooting, including three who were seen filming the entire attack.

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