Dozens of Casualties, Mostly Children, Arriving at Gaza Hospitals

On Sunday morning, an Israeli airstrike targeted a house in Khan Younis, Southern Gaza, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring tens more.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, an Israeli airstrike targeted a house in Khan Younis, Southern Gaza, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring dozens more. 

Medical sources reported that most of the martyrs were children, and that a number of people were declared missing after the targeting of the Abdel Wahab Ghoreibi family house. 

“Israel” also struck the vicinity of the European Hospital in Khan Younis, and al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital reported the arrival of the bodies of several martyrs and wounded after the occupation bombed a house in Trens El Baba in central Gaza. 

Israeli aircraft also carried out intense airstrikes on Deir al-Balah and the refugee camps of al-Nusseirat and al-Maghazi, and the town of al-Zawaida, as well as the neighborhoods of al-Tuffah and al-Shujaiya east of Gaza, while also targeting the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Gaza indicated that a number of wounded Palestinians were been brought to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah after the shelling of a-Maghazi and al-Zawaida camps.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashaf al-Qudra, revealed on Saturday that the death toll has risen to 17,700 martyrs and 48,780 injured on the 64th day of the Israeli genocide in Gaza. The occupation has carried out dozens of massacres and wiped out entire families from the public record.

Numerous pleas have been received from Palestinians in residential neighborhoods and schools, including the Al Khalifa School in northern Gaza, where the occupation committed a massacre resulting in dozens of martyrs, It is noteworthy that the situation of displaced individuals is nothing less than catastrophic, as they’re cut off from water sources, food, and medical care, according to al-Qudra. 

The Resistance remains steadfast 

Last night, Jabalia and its refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip witnessed intense, fierce confrontations between Palestinian Resistance fighters and Israeli occupation forces.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades announced that its Resistance fighters engaged in fierce and intense confrontations with the invading Israeli forces surrounding Jabalia camp, using heavy and direct gunfire and explosive devices.

Despite the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza, which has resulted in over 17,000 martyrs and the destruction of tens of thousands of buildings and residential units, the Palestinian Resistance remains steadfast in confronting invading forces across all fronts and inflicting documented losses on the occupation army.

This comes after the Israeli occupation military confirmed on Saturday the death of five soldiers in Gaza, including four in Khan Younis, while that the fifth had been severely wounded on October 7.

Israeli media outlets reported on Saturday that the number of Israeli occupation soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip has risen to 102.

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