Egypt’s FM Sameh Shoukry: “Egypt has never relinquished one inch of its soil and it will never give up one iota of its territorial waters”

During a press conference with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, Shoukry added that Egypt has always made it a point to abide in all its international and regional agreements to international law and the Law of the Sea.

Egypt’s Minster of Foreign affairs Sameh Shoukry said Thursday, that Egypt has never relinquished one inch of its soil and, likewise, it will never give up one iota of its territorial waters or its exclusive economic zone.

The Egyptian top diplomat was responding to remarks made by the Turkish president’s adviser about Egypt.

Egyptian agreements are drawn up in conformity with international law, and have never targeted destabilizing other countries or been made as part of a unilateral move that disregards international legitimacy, the minister added.

Shoukry also said he feels astonished by repeated Turkish attempts to dictate what Egypt should and should not do.

Shoukry concluded his statement by stressing that Egypt is and will always be committed to international legitimacy, UN resolutions and international law.

Shoukry and Hungarian counterpart asserted on the strength of relations in several fields.

The two sides made the remarks during a joint press conference following a session of talks between them in Cairo.

Shoukry said Egypt and Hungary signed two agreements in the energy field, and another one between the Egyptian Institute for Diplomatic Studies and its Hungarian peer.




The talks touched on bilateral relations that have witnessed a giant leap in light of the directives issued by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán since 2014, Shoukry said, commending the historical Egypt-Hungary relations that had been established 92 years ago.

Meanwhile, Shoukry expressed thanks to Budapest for the 100 scholarships offered to Egyptian students, adding that there are opportunities to boost Hungarian investments in Egypt and carry out a project to upgrade the Egyptian railways in cooperation with Russia and Hungary.

The talks also covered regional conditions and Egypt’s relations with the European Union.

Shoukry said he is looking forward to further meetings, especially that Hungary would take over the annual presidency of the Visegrad Group in 2021.

Preparations are under way for a second summit between Egypt and the Visegrad Group states next year, he added.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó hailed the Hungarian-Egyptian relations, noting that the safety of Europe starts from North Africa. He also pointed out that Egypt is considered the most important country in North Africa.

The ministers also discussed the illegal migration file, criticizing the European Commission’s policy concerning the issue which had resulted in great dangers.

He noted that illegal migration can be stopped, hailing Egypt’s successful efforts to fight against illegal migration to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.

In statements concerning the inking of two deals between Egypt and Hungary, Minister Shoukry asserted the importance of developing the energy and natural gas sectors in Egypt especially after its recent natural gas discoveries.

He noted that Egypt has the infrastructure required to liquefy natural gas. The top diplomat also said that the new deals come within the framework of the establishment of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF).

He also said that the deal signed between the Egyptian Institute for Diplomatic Studies and its Hungarian counterpart comes as part of efforts to boost cooperation in the field of training and exchanging expertise between the two foreign ministries.

The minister also noted that the political leaderships of the two countries are keen on bolstering relations, cooperation, investment and joint interests.

Hungarian minister Szijjártó noted that his country is considering diversifying the sources of its imported natural gas, noting that Egypt is one of the names on its list of prospective exporters.

He also said that his country is ecouraging Egypt to produce more liquefied natural gas in order to allow Hungary to benefit from it.

Concerning the return of Hungarian tourists to Egypt, the minister said they will return when the situation becomes appropriate. In response to this remark, Foreign Minister Shoukry said Egypt reassures all partners that its government is taking all protective measures in all tourist destinations to protect tourists from coronavirus.

The ministers agreed on continuing consultations to resume charter flights between the two countries.

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