Elias El-Fakhfakh announced the formation of the new government

The Tunisian Prime Minister-designate, Elias El-Fakhfakh, announced today, Wednesday, the formation of the new government, which he presented to the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed.

Al-Fakhfakh said that the new government will be the “government of all Tunisians. A government that unites and does not separate.”

The government of the traps came as follows …

Minister of Justice Thoraya Al-Juraibi (independent), Minister of Interior Hisham Al-Mishishi (independent), Minister of Foreign Affairs Noureddine Al-Rai (independent), Minister of Defense Imad Al-Hizqi (independent), Minister of State Property and Real Estate Affairs Ghazi Al-Shawashy (the Current Party) and Minister of Development Salim El-Ezaby (movement) Long live Tunisia), Minister of Vocational Training and Employment Fathi Hajj (People’s Movement), Minister of Social Affairs Habib Kachou (independent), Minister of State in charge of Transport and Logistics Anwar Maarouf (Al Nahda), Minister of Environment Shukri Bin Hassan, Minister of Local Affairs Lotfi Zaitoun, Minister of Agriculture Osama Al-Khuraiji (Al-Nahda), Minister of Industry Saleh bin Yusef (independent), and Minister of Energy and Mines Eng Nahi Marzouk (independent), Minister of Tourism Muhammad Ali Al-Toumi (Al-Badil), Minister of Commerce Muhammad Al-Musallini (People’s Movement), Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Transfer Muhammad Fadil Karim (Independent), Minister of Equipment and Housing Moncef Al-Sliti (Al-Nahda), Minister of Religious Affairs Ahmed Azoum (Independent), Minister of Women, Childhood, and Family Affairs Asma Al-Suhairi (Independent), Minister of Finance Muhammad Nizar Yaish, Minister of Health Abdul Latif Al-Makki (Al-Nahda), Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Salim Shura (Al-Nahda), Minister of Education Muhammad Al-Hamidi (Al-Tayyar), Minister Culture Shiraz Al-Atiri (independent), Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Kaaloul (Al-Nahda), Minister of du He is in charge of public office, administrative reform, and anti-corruption Muhammad Abbou (current), Minister in charge of human rights and relationship with civil society Ayachi Al-Hamami (independent), Minister of Relations with Parliament Ali Al-Hafsi (Nidaa Tounes), Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Salma Al-Niefer (independent), State writing The Minister of Agriculture has an official in charge of water resources at Ages Bahri.

It is noteworthy that this announcement came after many consultations, which were intensified by the decision of the Ennahda movement to withdraw from the government before it changed its decision and returned to participation after the intervention of social and union parties to bring the views closer.

Consultations continued until the last hours before the announcement of the government.

It is noteworthy that the traps announced last Saturday evening the composition of his proposed government before the Ennahda movement withdrew from it, stressing that he decided with the head of state to use the remaining constitutional deadlines to take the appropriate direction in the best interests of the country.

The government is expected to be presented early next week to parliament in order to give it confidence.

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