Ethiopian militia bombed a Sudanese camp with artillery

Ethiopian militia Supported by the army, attacked a Sudanese army camp.

In addition, the Sudanese armed forces responded to the attack launched by the Ethiopian militia, backed by the army, with armored vehicles and launchers, at the Anfal camp in the eastern Qalabat locality.

The attack wounded a number of Sudanese soldiers.

3 weeks ago, Ethiopia militia launched a similar attack, killing a Sudanese officer with the rank of captain in an area on the border between the two countries.

“The Sudanese-Ethiopian border in the state of Gedaref witnessed a new tension, as an Ethiopian militia force penetrated and attacked some agricultural projects in Barka Norit area and the village of Al-Forsan, and the aggression continues to include the clash with the Sudanese military force in Barakat Noreen camp,” Sudan News Agency reported at the time.

“As a result of confronting the militias, the leader of the Sudanese force, Captain Karam El-Din, died as a result of his wounds in Doka Hospital, the local capital of Qallabat, and the wounding of a number of soldiers and civilians.”

The statement stated, “The Ethiopian militias, with the support of the Ethiopian army, used to repeat the attack on Sudanese lands and resources.”

The Sudanese statement confirmed the killing of a child and the injury of 9 people, including 6 of his soldiers.

It is reported that this is the third attack by Ethiopian forces this year against Sudanese targets on the border.

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