Five rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Five rockets have reportedly landed in the vicinity of the US embassy in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad. It was not immediately clear whether the projectiles inflicted any damage or casualties.

The missiles hit Baghdad’s heavily-fortified Green Zone, AFP said, citing security sources. One of the sources said that five ‘Katyusha rockets’ had landed near the compound, while another put the number of projectiles at three.

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Incoming#USEmbassy #Baghdad now – 5 reported as of now #Iraq

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The unguided volley landed not far from the US mission late on Sunday. Warning systems at the facility were activated and people were advised to seek shelter, footage from the scene shows.

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“Seek shelter”
We are still advised to take cover in Union III, just across the road from the #US embassy in Green Zone #Baghdad. A few rockets allegedly hit nearby.
I didn’t hear any explosions as we were in hard cover.

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The Green Zone has seen a string of similar incidents in recent weeks, with unknown attackers repeatedly – and quite imprecisely – targeting the US embassy with unguided projectiles. Other US facilities across Iraq have sustained rocket fire on several occasions.


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