For the World Cup .. The Tunisian star gives up the “dream” of Manchester United

The same sources said that Birmingham City club president John Eustace praised the Tunisian midfielder’s capabilities, considering that the completion of his inclusion procedures is imminent after an agreement with Manchester United officials.

British newspapers reported that the 19-year-old Al-Majbri, who is considered by experts and technicians as one of the rising stars in world football, came out of the accounts of the Red Devils coach, Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, which supported the hypothesis of leaving Old Trafford to get out of the shadow circle and chase the dream of participating in the finals. 2022 World Cup, even if it ends up in the English Championship.

In parallel with reports of his imminent transfer to Birmingham City, parties close to the Tunisian national team revealed that Al-Majbri’s participation in the Qatar World Cup 2022 next November will be hostage to his regular participation and return to play.

The source, who declined to be identified, added: “Hannibal Al-Majbri is one of the most promising and important elements in the team’s squad, and his presence in the list of Eagles is certain and natural, but on the other hand, it will be useful for the player and the team to have the opportunity to play, whether in Manchester United or another club to maintain its readiness for the World Cup.” .

It is noteworthy that Tunisian media reports confirmed that the coach of the Carthage Eagles team, Jalal Al-Qadri, put Al-Majbri before the inevitability of getting out of the state of football unemployment to be on Tunisia’s list in the preparatory matches for the World Cup, which will be the first on the twenty-seventh of next September, against the Brazilian team in a friendly.

Journalist and sports critic Magdy Al-Saidi believes that “Manchester United’s contract with Brazilian Casemiro from Real Madrid in a deal worth 70 million euros for a period of four years, would make Hannibal Al-Majbari’s hopes dwindle in winning the opportunity to play in the starting lineup and enter the accounts of Dutchman Eric Ten Hag.” Red Devils coach.

Al-Saidi, a journalist with the Tunisian newspaper Al-Akhbar, told Sky News Arabia: “Although Al-Majbri is a young player, participating in the World Cup may not be repeated, and therefore it is a dream and an achievement for this player, whose absence from Tunisia’s list has become possible if he continues to leave the stadiums.” The best way for Al-Majbari is to look for another destination, and Birmingham FC may be the perfect stop for him, given his knowledge of the English football atmosphere.”


According to a source close to Al-Majbri, the player, born in 2003, received four offers from English and French clubs, but the closest destination is Birmingham City, which is in 17th place with five points after 5 rounds of the league.

Hannibal Al-Majbri is considered one of the pillars on which the Tunisian team depends in the World Cup, but the dream of the first World Cup participation for this player is threatened if he remains in Manchester and is not relied upon, even in one match in the Premier League so far.


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