France reveals the number of “extremists” in the Middle East

French Defense Minister Florence Barley has revealed that between 500 and 600 French extremists are fighting in the Levant, with the exception of 300 killed there and 20 returned to France last year.

“There are between 500 and 600 French extremists fighting in the Levant and about 300 people believed to have been killed,” Barley said in an interview with the Liberation newspaper published on Monday. She pointed out that the number of Islamists returning to France in 2017 less than 20 people.

The French defense minister pointed out that many of the arrested Islamists “express their desire to extradite them to France” to be tried in our country where we do not have a death penalty. 

“But it is impossible to ignore the desire of the local authorities to consider independently the crimes committed on their territory.”

In addition, Barley commented on the possibility that French Islamists arrested in Iraq would be sentenced to death.

“France is fundamentally opposed to the death penalty: all over the world, migrants from France who are not terrorists may be at risk of being sentenced to death if they commit crimes Serious punishable by the most severe penalties. “

“The French diplomats give them the support of every French citizen, but each country has its own laws,” she concluded.

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