French security authorities Thwarted Coup Attempt led by a far-right politician

French newspaper, Le Parisien, said that the country’s security authorities had thwarted a coup attempt led by a far-right politician.

It highlighted that the French authorities had placed Dayer, the far-right figure, in pretrial detention on suspicion of involvement in planning a coup and acts of violence

The famous newspaper reported that  the General Intelligence thwarted a coup planned by the former deputy of the Democratic Movement “MoDem” Remy Dayer.

She explained that  Daye, aged 55, was charged on October 22 with terrorism. Investigations revealed a “worrying coup that was aimed at capturing the Elysee Palace , with the help of many Dayer supporters and a large paramilitary organization.”

For its part, France TV Info revealed that Dayer’s scheme was described as “secret”, dubbed “Operation Azure” and was “highly organized”.

And he indicated, quoting a source “close to the file”, that the idea of ​​the scheme arose about a year ago, at a time when France was fighting a health crisis due to the repercussions of the Corona virus .

He pointed out that the secret organization includes “civilian and military people with real weapons and a recruitment plan… The military team is headed by two soldiers from the French army .”

He continued, “Dayer was leading Operation Azure from his home in Malaysia , where he formed a secret organization of dozens of people to participate in his project.”

“Operation Azure was worrying, although no specific date was set for the day of the coup,” he added.

He said  , “France Tiffy Staff Writer” The ongoing investigation on charges of “criminal association formed a terrorist,” adding that it may also be follow – up detainees on charges of “threatening state security.


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