Ghannouchi calls security forces to intervene help to break up the sit-in of Abeer Musa

Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi called on the security forces to intervene to force the sit-in of the MPs, led by Abeer Moussa, into the parliament headquarters, by force.

This came in a message sent by Ghannouchi to the Minister of the Interior, on Thursday, in which he asked him to intervene, even by the general force, to evacuate what he called “hotspots and liberate the spaces of Parliament as soon as possible, after its occupation by the deputies of the Free Constitutional Party bloc, which has prevented the parliamentary institution from continuing to work in a manner natural”.

Ghannouchi's correspondence for the interior
Ghannouchi’s correspondence for the interior

Representatives of the Free Constitutional Party bloc have been protesting since last Friday inside the Tunisian parliament, in protest against the practices and attempts of Al-Ghannushi and the Al-Karama coalition, his arm in the parliament, allowing terrorists to enter the parliament headquarters, where Moussa accuses him of supporting and sponsoring terrorism and implementing the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda in Tunisia, and says that its continuation In leading the parliament is a threat to Tunisian national security.

In response, Abeer Moussa, in a statement, accused Rashid al-Ghannushi of attempting to silence mouths and violate the sanctity of parliament by passing arbitrary decisions in violation of the law and asking the Ministry of Interior to enter the public force, in order to satisfy his sons who had terrorist precedents and those related to hotbeds of tension trying to enter Parliament, Instead of holding them accountable.

The sit-in disrupted the parliament’s sessions this week, after the members of the Free Constitutional Party took the main stage of the speaker and his aides, and Moussa insisted on not allowing Ghannouchi to preside over any session, which caused chaos and congestion among the deputies in the parliament’s space.

This comes in conjunction with parliamentary attempts to remove Ghannouchi from the leadership of the parliament, where on Thursday, the withdrawal of confidence from Ghannouchi was deposited in the Parliamentary Control Office with more than 80 votes distributed over 5 parliamentary blocs, in preparation for the appointment of a session to vote on them within a period not exceeding three weeks, where Dismissing Ghannouchi from the presidency of the parliament needs a vote of at least 109 deputies.

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