Hassan Diab: authorities have “full reports about the sides that are inciting riots,”

Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced Wednesday that authorities have “full reports about the sides that are inciting riots,” in the wake of days of violent protests that have rocked the country.

“What’s strange is that there is a side, or sides, that are trying to incite, ride the wave, distort the popular protests and burn the country. What’s happening is not innocent and some are seeking strife between the army and the people,” the premier added.

“The rioting that is taking place and the attempt to pit the people against the army are indications of a malicious plan,” said Diab during a cabinet session at the Grand Serail.

Claiming that “some are stealing the scream of honest people and some are deliberately burning and destroying the streets,” Diab pointed out that some parties believe that chaos would “protect and benefit them.”

He added that the government has “full reports about the sides inciting riots” and that security agencies have “the names of all individuals who are torching institutions and shops and destroying public and private property.”

“They will be referred to the judiciary,” he said.

Diab also warned that “should those sides continue their incitement, we will call things by their name.”

“Currently we are keen on addressing the financial and social crises,” he said.

Arab Observer

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