Hezbollah Shows Vital Israeli Sites to be Targeted in Case of War

Hezbollah has released footage of vital Israeli targets, supposedly only known to "Israel's" security apparatus.

The Military Media of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah – released a video showing vital Israeli targets only known to the occupation’s security apparatus, suggesting that these sites will be targeted in case of a war against Lebanon.

The video included snippets of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech, in which he warned the Israeli occupation that the Resistance would fight with no restraints or limits if war were imposed on Lebanon. 

“Israel” will regret waging war on Lebanon, he said. 

The HaKirya complex, which includes the headquarters of the Ministry of Security, the General Staff, and many of the senior military staff leaders, was also shown. 

A list of the potential targets included in the video: 

  • Vital targets in Haifa
  • Ashdod port
  • Hadera power station
  • Ramat David Military Airport in Afula
  • Pengrion Airport
  • Nevatim base
  • Oil refineries on the coast
  • Negev rules
  • Satellite area in Yehuda
  • Research Center at Dimona Nuclear Reactor

This comes only a few days following the Hoopoe mission, during which Hezbollah gathered footage showing its reconnaissance drones flying over swathes of occupied Palestinian land, including Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Safad, Karmiel, Afula, all the way to Haifa and its port.

The published footage included intelligence about Israeli sites inside occupied Palestine and clearly showed that the drone arrived at the port of Haifa intact.

Hezbollah’s drones brought back footage and information about sensitive sites they captured over Haifa starting with the port itself to oil refineries and military factories, not to mention the locations of military battleships and important economic hubs in the port.

Titled “This is what the Hoopoe came back with,” the nine-minute-and-a-half video captured footage and exposed sensitive Israeli sites.

Hezbollah indicated that the video was only the first episode of more yet to come, highlighting that the drones bypassed Israeli air defenses and returned to Lebanese airspace undetected.

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