High-Ranking Israeli ‘National’ Security Council Official Resigns

The recent wave of resignations by high-ranking Israeli officers has sparked speculation about the potential for an avalanche effect within various establishments.

Senior Israeli ‘National’ Security Council official Brig.-Gen Yoram Hamo has reportedly resigned from his position, as per a report from Kan TV on Sunday.

Hamo, who led the Division for Strategic “Defense” Policy and was said to be overseeing “Israel’s Gaza day-after strategy”, reportedly stepped down due to a lack of decision-making by the political leadership on the matter.

This is not an isolated incident. Moshik Aviv, the head of Israel’s ‘National’ Public Diplomacy Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office, earlier informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his decision to resign, according to a report by Channel 12 news.

Aviv, who was appointed just eight months ago, will wait for a successor to be appointed before stepping down. His role is crucial in overseeing “Israel’s” public diplomacy efforts. Earlier, Aviv had informed English-language spokesperson Eylon Levy of his suspension “until further notice” in early March, which led to Levy’s departure from the directorate.
Galit Distel Atbaryan, the Public Diplomacy Minister, resigned from her position five days after October 7. According to the TV report, spokesperson Topaz Luk, the CEO of the Prime Minister’s Office Yossi Shelley, and Netanyahu’s chief of staff Tzachi Braverman are also expected to leave the office shortly.
This all began with the resignation of the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate Aman, Aharon Haliva, on April 22.

‘Domino effect’

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported last month that the resignation of the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate Aman, Aharon Haliva, “will not be the last” among senior occupation officers as it mentioned a “domino effect.” 

It added that Haliva was the first member of the Israeli military General Staff to resign due to failures on October 7. 

Another general from the General Staff, the head of the Strategy and Iran Divison, who led the Gaza Division and then took over the Southern Command, Eliezer Toledano, has not made any public appearance over the past six months, it said. 

The Israeli newspaper revealed that there are other senior officers, at least four of whom with colonel rank, at the level of commanders of field units, who informed their colleagues that they intend to resign. It added that the Gaza Division Commander, Brigadier General Avi Rosenfeld is one of them. 

The Israeli newspaper further explained that this dilemma for possible future resignations is related to timing, as these resignations may hasten the end of the Israeli war on Gaza, especially amid the withdrawal of most IOF troops from Gaza in recent weeks. 

The resignation of Haliva and other senior officials puts Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi in a dilemma, as it will be difficult for him to reassemble the General Staff and then resign, the newspaper mentioned. 

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