Hundreds of Afghans Protests Outside New Kabul Bank

Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds of Afghans have protested outside a bank in Kabul as others form long lines at cash machines.

The protesters on Saturday at New Kabul Bank included many civil servants demanding their salaries, which they said had not been paid for the past three to six months.

Meanwhile, a U.N. agency warned that a worsening drought could leave millions in need of humanitarian aid.

The economic crisis could give Western nations leverage as they urge Afghanistan’s new rulers to form an inclusive government and allow people to leave after the planned withdrawal of all U.S. forces on August 31.

They said even though banks reopened three days ago no one has been able to withdraw cash. ATM machines are still operating, but withdrawals are limited to around $200 every 24 hours, contributing to the formation of long lines.


Arab Observer


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