Imad Al-Hamami: “Ennahda movement will turn into small party”

Imad Al-Hamami, one of the most prominent ministers of the “Ennahda movement” in the successive governments in Tunisia in the past ten years, explained to the “The Other Dimension” program on Al-Arabiya channel this week the reasons for his defection from the movement.

He added that the movement’s leader, Rashid Ghannouchi, “betrayed the demands of the Tunisians”, destroyed his party and caused chaos that engulfed the lives of Tunisians, and made them frustrated with political work.

Al-Hamami talked about the experience of decades in the leadership position, whether within his party or in the state. He also referred to the “manifestations of chaos and the struggles of politicians and the corrupt that made the July 24 system unfit to continue.”

He added that “it is necessary to support” the decisions of President Kais Saied, “because they alone currently carry the desired alternative.”

Al-Hamami expected that the Ennahda movement would turn into “just a small party”, and stressed that “political Islam has ended in the region forever, after it poses a heavy burden on the paths of transition and the peoples’ longings.”


Arab Observer

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