IOF Admit: 13 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza in Two Days

The Israeli occupation's military spokesperson announces yet another list of soldiers slain inside the Gaza Strip, including elite Commando fighters and an armored platoon commander.

13 Israeli occupation troops have been eliminated in the Gaza Strip over the weekend, the spokesperson for the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) admitted early on Sunday morning.

The Israeli media described the death toll of its army during the past 24 hours as “the biggest tragedy since the Israeli ground incursion” into the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli outlets went on to say that this was one of the “most horrible events” during the war. This is not a “good morning”, they said.

Under the “permission to publish” clause, the occupation media announced the names of the slain soldiers and revealed their ranks and the units and formations under which they served.

Adding to another five killed soldiers, announced at an earlier time this weekend, the IOF’s spokesperson said four First Sergeants of the 7th Armored Brigade were killed in the southern Gaza Strip.

The spokesperson announced the names of eight soldiers and officers killed on Sunday, across the Gaza Strip. This means that the number of dead Israeli troops, since October 7, has risen to 485 while the number of those killed, since the occupation launched its ground invasion, has reached 152. 

This includes a platoon commander in the 603rd Combat Engineering Battalion of the 7th Brigade. The recently released list comes after the Palestinian Resistance announced several remarkable operations targeting occupation forces’ armored vehicles in the southern Gaza Strip.

The IOF’s 646th Paratroopers Brigade also lost two of its soldiers in the central Gaza Strip. Concurrently, two soldiers from the 11th Yiftach Reserve Commando Brigade, which includes troops who previously served in the occupation’s elite Egoz Unit, were killed.

Moreover, a captain, who is a team commander in the Nahal Patrol, was killed in an unspecified location in the Gaza Strip, as announced at an earlier time.

Another soldier was announced dead over the weekend, knowing that he was killed in northern occupied territories, where he served under the 188th Regular Armored Brigade.

IOF underreporting casualties

Recently, Israeli media outlets have revealed that the Israeli military is underreporting its casualties after lists of wounded soldiers were acquired from privately owned medical centers around occupied Palestine. 

Israeli broadcaster Channel 12 revealed on Friday that 3,000 occupation soldiers, who sustained injuries as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, have been classified among those with “permanent disabilities in the army.”

According to the Israeli news broadcaster, the number of IOF soldiers wounded since October 7 has reached 5,000 as of December 9.

The channel added that the Israeli Department for Rehabilitation reportedly receives 60 new wounded IOF soldiers daily from security and reserve forces, excluding regular army personnel.

Over 2,000 soldiers, classified as disabled and accommodated by the Israeli Ministry of Security, along with 1,000 from the regular forces, are currently being treated by the Israeli military. Regardless of the number of soldiers announced killed in the confrontations, the IOF has been burdened by a growing number of soldiers put permanently out of service, by the Palestinian Resistance in the Gaza Strip, and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon in the north.

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