IOF Kill Six Palestinians in Tulkarm, Four in Drone Strike

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the city and its camp for the second time this week as attempts to extinguish Resistance groups continue.

The Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarm announced on Tuesday the martyrdom of four Palestinians in an Israeli drone strike on the Al-Ghanem neighborhood in the city, as Israelis escalate their violence in the West Bank amid the war on Gaza.

According to the hospital’s report, the four martyrs have been identified as follows: Saeed Abu Tahoun, aged 24, Jihad Ghanem, aged 27, Musab al-Ghoul, aged 21, and Walid Musaiee, aged 26.

The Israeli drone aggression brings the total number of martyrs announced today in the city to six.

The Palestinian Health Ministry had also earlier confirmed the martyrdom of two other young men, Mahmoud Hadaida, aged 25, and Hazem Husari, aged 28, last night after being shot in the chest by the IOF during their incursion into Tulkarm refugee camp.

Threatening Resistance fighters and those providing them with shelter

Alongside a drone attack that targeted youth in the camp, nine Palestinians were wounded by Israeli sniper fire from rooftops and buildings in the same neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Resistance fighters confronted storming Israeli forces across the city, and used homemade IEDs to target their military vehicles.

Palestinian news outlets said that the occupation imposed a curfew in Tulkarm camp and distributed leaflets threatening both the Resistance members and camp residents who provide them with shelter.

Israeli bulldozers also demolished the infrastructure of the street leading to the camp entrance, and a nearby street leading to Al-Quds University.

Second raid this week

Before storming Tulkarm, IOF encircled the city and its camp by deploying patrols at all entrances and routes inside the city leading to the camp. This incursion marks the second the camp has faced in one week.

With the newly announced martyrs, the death toll in the Tulkarm Governorate since the start of the Israeli aggression on October 7 has risen to 31 martyrs.

In Al-Khalil, 20-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abdel Majeed Al-Halaiqa was martyred early on Tuesday morning, succumbing to his injuries after the IOF opened fire on him near the town of Beit Ainun, northeast of the city.

Occupation forces opened fire on Al-Halaiqa, claiming he was attempting to perform a stabbing attack, then prevented medical teams from approaching him and providing treatment, leaving him to bleed to death, and then took away his body.

Israeli forces also arrested Yousef Al-Haroub, Ibrahim Al-Awawdeh, his son Musaab, and also Abdullah Al-Awawdeh, all from the town of Deir Samet, southwest of Al-Khalil.

Mudhat Abu Amsha, a Palestinian wounded during the Israeli storming, was abducted by occupation forces from an ambulance transporting him to the hospital.

Palestinian media also reported that occupation forces stormed the city of Qalqilya in the northern West Bank last night, where they detained the father of the pursued Resistance member Alaa Nazzal.

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