ISIS women: “Corona does not harm Muslims, Corona is a soldier of God!”

Amid several warnings from international organizations and “self-administration” in northern Syria, from the danger of an outbreak of   Corona virus in camps that contain thousands of ISIS women and their families, ISIS women appeared in a television interview from a camp in   Syrian Hasaka region, to confirm that the epidemic will not infect them.

On the approach of the terrorist organization that terrorized thousands of people from all sects for years in a number of Arab countries, especially Syria and Iraq, ISIS women still cling to their extremist ideas.

One of them said “Corona does not harm Muslims, it infect those who oppress them. Corona is a soldier of God!”

The “self-administration” in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, resorted to precautionary measures, most notably the closure of the border crossing between it and Kurdistan Region and the suspension of working hours in schools, institutes and universities.

Manal Mohamed, joint head of the Health Authority of the “Self-Administration”, said in a previous statement to our reporters: “We are providing centers dedicated to caring for suspects of corona virus infection and verifying their condition, and we are also preparing quarantine centers, but until now there are no infections in our regions. “

He added that “the Health Authority has carried out awareness-raising campaigns for some residents, especially in the camps, on how to combat  the virus, resort to sterilization tools, and not establish gatherings.”

Despite the seriousness of the virus and the rapid spread of it, but the multiple authorities, each of which controls a part of Syria, do not cooperate with each other to confront it, which are three parties that operate individually, which is the government of the Syrian regime and its armed opposition and self-administration.

This comes at a time when the epidemic has claimed at least 107064 people in the world since its appearance at the end of December in China, according to a toll prepared by Agence France-Presse according to official sources yesterday evening Saturday 19:00 GMT.

More than 1745,290 infections have been officially diagnosed in 193 countries and territories since the start of the epidemic, although this number reflects only a portion of the number actually affected as only a large number of countries resort to examining cases requiring hospital care.

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