Israel Launches Aggression on Gaza, Lebanon

The Israeli occupation military spokesperson claims that the Israeli army attacked Hamas infrastructure and sites in southern Lebanon.

An explosion sounded off south of the city of Tyre caused by Israeli aggression that targeted the Qlaileh area located between the plain of Ras El-Ain and the Rashidieh refugee camp.

Our correspondent confirmed that three Israeli missiles landed south of the city of Tyre, two of them in agricultural areas and another in the Qlaileh Plain, noting that the Israeli aggression did not result in significant casualties.

The Israeli occupation military spokesperson claimed that the Israeli army attacked tonight Hamas infrastructure and sites in southern Lebanon.

Al Mayadeen correspondent confirmed that the windows of a number of houses near the areas targeted by the Israeli aggression were shattered.

This coincides with the Israeli occupation warplanes launching aggression against the Gaza Strip, and the subsequent response of the Palestinian Resistance to the aggression with various missiles.

Earlier, the Israeli occupation military said 34 rockets were launched on Thursday from southern Lebanon on occupied Al-Jalil.

The occupation said the Iron Dome air security system intercepted 25 of the projectiles, adding that at least five rockets landed in occupied Palestinian lands.

It claimed that the locations of the remaining four rockets are still unknown.

Israeli media reported that the rockets caused two minor injuries and some damage.

The Times of Israel highlighted that the attack “may mark the largest number of rockets fired from Lebanon” since the July 2006 war.

On its part, the Israeli occupation Foreign Ministry confirmed that it is instructing Israeli missions around the world to inform the so-called international community that “Israel” will respond to today’s rocket barrage from Lebanon.

In response, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against “Israel’s” escalatory intentions, which threaten regional and international peace and security.

The statement stressed Lebanon’s “affirmation of its full respect and commitment to UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and its keenness on calm and stability.”

The statement called on the international community to “pressure Israel to stop the escalation,” expressing its willingness to cooperate with the international peacekeeping forces – United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) – operating in southern Lebanon.



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