Israel Leaves in Jabalia Trail of Skeletal Remains, Destruction

Following the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from Jabalia, decayed bodies and skeletal remains are seen scattered on the streets and beneath the rubble.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7 has risen to 36,284, in addition to 82,057 injuries, the Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed in its daily report on Friday.

Additionally, it confirmed that the Israeli occupation committed 5 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 60 and injuring 280 who arrived at hospitals in 24 hours only.

The Ministry stressed that thousands of victims are still under the rubble on the streets, as the occupation forces continue to deliberately prevent ambulances and civil defense crews from reaching them. 

Revealed: Post-withdrawal horrors in Jabalia Refugee Camp


The Gaza Government Media Office has reported that videos and images emerging from the Jabalia refugee camp after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces showcase the horrifying aftermath of atrocities and crimes committed in Jabalia and the Beit Lahia project.

The footage reveals widespread destruction and sabotage inflicted upon homes, service facilities, and public utilities. According to the office, this underscores the oppressive nature of the occupation, characterized by fascism, racism, and terrorism, and its blatant disregard for fundamental principles of humanity, moral values, international law, and humanitarian standards.

As per the office, these actions defy international decisions and rulings, particularly those issued by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

For the second time, over a period of 20 days, the occupation army wreaked havoc and destruction in the Jabalia camp, employing a scorched-earth policy, resulting in the death and injury of hundreds and the forced displacement of nearly 200,000 citizens, the office reported.

Over 70 bodies were found in Jabalia Camp and Beit Lahia after Israeli withdrawal

It also noted that entire residential blocks and squares were destroyed, along with public and service facilities, presenting a scene of catastrophe as if a devastating earthquake had struck the area.

During the Israeli invasion and after the withdrawal, ambulance and civil defense teams retrieved dozens of martyrs, while the search continued for dozens of missing persons amid the rubble of homes, shelters, schools, and hospitals that were not spared from the bombing and destruction, as per Gaza Government Media Office.

Even the UNRWA clinics and headquarters have been bombed and destroyed by “Israel”, as per the office.

It is worth noting that local medical sources reported that the bodies of more than 70 martyrs were recovered from the Jabalia camp and the Beit Lahia project after the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces.

The Office went on to say that the occupation army deliberately targeted infrastructure and economic assets, such as markets and shops. Even graves were not spared as Israeli vehicles excavated them, in a blatant and flagrant violation of humanitarian values, principles, and the rules of international humanitarian law, thus presenting a new scene from the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people for the eighth month now

“It is clear to everyone, in light of these crimes, that the occupation seeks to make the Gaza Strip an uninhabitable area, and it has not abandoned its attempts at forced displacement, alongside the crime of ethnic cleansing it commits by massacring and killing tens of thousands, causing starvation and thirst, and striking the health system to deprive citizens of medical care and spread diseases and epidemics,” the Office stressed.

It also strongly condemned the unjustified international failure to stop the genocide against Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, holding  “Israel” and its allies, who militarily and politically support it and justify its heinous crimes, primarily America, Germany, and Britain, responsible for all these crimes.

“We call for expedited legal proceedings before the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court to ensure the cessation of this aggression and the prosecution of Zionist leaders as war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity. We also call for the reinforcement of the boycott of the occupation politically, economically, culturally, and in the media, and the imposition of sanctions on it,” the Office emphasized.

It also called on the free people of the world to intensify their efforts in various fields to pressure “Israel”; and its allies to stop the genocide and ensure the flow of aid, medical supplies, fuel, and humanitarian needs to alleviate the famine currently affecting Palestinian people.

UNRWA sounds alarm

Concurrently, UNRWA posted alarming updates regarding incidents at its facilities in Jabalia, located in the northern region of Gaza. According to reports, displaced individuals, including children, have been killed or sustained injuries by the Israeli army while seeking refuge within its school premises.

The area was reportedly under siege by Israeli military tanks at the time of the incidents, UNRWA stressed.

Furthermore, UNRWA reported that tents housing people seeking shelter at our school were intentionally set on fire by the Israeli army.
UNRWA has also highlighted concerning developments regarding the spread of infectious diseases in Gaza, citing overcrowded shelters and inadequate hygiene conditions as exacerbating factors.

Despite ongoing efforts by UNRWA teams to deliver healthcare services to vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly, the availability of vaccines and medicines remains insufficient, as per a post by UNRWA on X.

The organization emphasized the urgent need for safe and unrestricted access to address these critical health challenges.

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