Israeli Forces Massacre 100+ Civilians Waiting for Aid in Gaza City

After suffering a harrowing defeat in al-Zaytoun neighborhood, Israeli forces took out their frustration on more than a thousand civilians waiting for aid in Gaza.

More than 100 people were killed in a massacre committed by Israeli occupation forces in al-Rashid Street, to the west of Gaza City, our correspondent reported on Thursday. 

Tens of others were wounded in the attack that targeted Palestinian civilians who were waiting in line to receive aid packages in the northern Gaza Strip, a field source from the Palestinian Resistance told our reporters. 

Israeli armored vehicles and tanks also ran over the bodies of several martyrs, while others fired incendiary shells toward civilians in the area, according to the commander. 

Moreover, Israeli occupation forces arbitrarily detained hundreds of civilians in the same area, transferring them to an unknown location.

On the southeastern axis of Gaza City, Israeli troops detonated bombs in several residential buildings in al-Zaytoun neighborhood, demolishing several houses while severely damaging large sections of the Salah al-Din Street in the area, which links all of the Gaza Strip’s cities and towns.

The source also confirmed that emergency services are being prevented from reaching several civilian victims who were martyred in al-Zaytoun, as a result of Israeli attacks.]

Earlier, the Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that the number of Palestinians martyred in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip has surpassed 30,000.

“The number of martyrs exceeds 30,000,” a Ministry statement announced, adding that the toll includes at least 79 martyrs reported overnight.

Twenty-five Palestinians, the majority of whom were children and women, were killed in an Israeli bombardment on the al-Nuseirat and al-Bureij camps in the central Gaza Strip.

The bodies of the martyrs were transported to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah after being pulled from under the rubble of targeted inhabited houses.

In Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces intensified their shelling in several areas, and the European Hospital received the bodies of five martyrs.

The Israeli occupation artillery also targeted the Nasser Medical Complex building in Khan Younis, causing it to catch fire.

In a related context, medical and civil defense teams managed to recover the body of a female martyr two days after an Israeli bombardment targeted her family’s home in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

‘Israel’ takes out its frustration on civilians

However, these attacks against civilians come after Israeli occupation forces continued to fail in their advance into al-Zaytoun neighborhood, as they expected a quick operation in the area as part of their alleged third stage of operations, which were expected to follow low-intensity methods and would require relatively low-effort raids and incursions into areas in the Gaza Strip, following a large-scale invasion into the same areas that were supposedly “cleared”.

Our source from the Palestinian Resistance confirmed that Israeli occupation forces withdrew from the neighborhood after coming under several top-tier attacks.

More than 10 days since the attempted invasion of al-Zaytoun was launched, the Palestinian Resistance continues to confront and deal mighty blows to occupation soldiers, killing and injuring multiple enemy troops, including a company commander and another platoon commander of the Givati Brigade. 

He said that debris resulting from the Resistance’s attacks on armored vehicles and Merkava tanks could be seen across the axes of confrontation, which saw intense fighting. The source also confirmed that bloodied and ripped pieces of military garments can be seen scattered in several areas indicating casualties among enemy soldiers.

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