Israeli Media: ”Gaza Ceasefire Deal Does Not Include Lebanon

Israeli media revealed that settlers in northern occupied Palestine are raising questions about whether the likely ceasefire between Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the Israeli occupation would also apply to the northern front.

This concern arises among the settlers as the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon continues to escalate its operations on Israeli positions along the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine.

An Israeli Channel 13 correspondent in northern occupied Palestine, Shlomi Eldar, mentioned that settlers are contacting him seeking answers to their question of whether they can return to their settlements.

However, he said he could only provide a picture of the empty settlement of “Kiryat Shmona” as an answer to their inquiries.

“There is no ceasefire on the northern front with Lebanon, and the truce will be limited to the southern front with Gaza,” he said.

He speculated that “tensions” with Lebanon might decrease, but “no one here can guarantee that.”

On Monday, Israeli media reported that following the bombing from Lebanon, major roads in the north were closed to vehicle traffic in the settlements of “Margaliot” and “Ramat Magshimim” and the occupied Lebanese town of al-Malikiyah.

Furthermore, the Israeli Kan channel reported damage to an Israeli army base in the north on the border with Lebanon following the firing of anti-tank missiles.

Reports added that sirens sounded in the northern regions on the border with Lebanon, stressing that they had not stopped since the morning. Meanwhile, Israeli Channel 12 confirmed that the attack on the north today is the “most intense” and “most violent” since the beginning of the war.

The Israeli Wallah website quoted sources in the security and military establishment as saying, “Netanyahu is deterred by Hezbollah,” after Hezbollah fired missiles on the Israeli “Biranit” Barracks, which caused major destruction inside. On its part, the Israeli website Yedioth Ahronoth described what happened at the “Biranit” base as “cruel”, confirming that fire broke out in the area.

Earlier this week, Israeli media highlighted the frustration felt by Israeli settlers in the north of occupied Palestine, after they were forced to vacate their settlements following their shelling by the Lebanese Resistance.

Israeli Channel 12 noted that settlements up to 5 km away from Lebanon’s southern borders were vacated, clarifying that nearly 60,000 settlers have been evacuated from the north, 20,000 of whom reside in “Kiryat Shmona”.

Channel 12 also mentioned that the evacuations took place “without prior planning,” further adding that “if the war should end today, not many would hasten to return to the North.”

An Israeli settler also told the Israeli media outlet that settlers in “Kiryat Shmona and the Galilee Panhandle now have to rely on individual security,” further adding that should “deterrence no longer be clearly established in the area, settlers would not remain in the North.”

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