Israeli Occupation Admits 560 Soldiers Dead Since October 7

The number of soldiers wounded since the ground invasion stands at 1,283, with 260 facing critical injuries, 429 having moderate injuries, and 594 having minor injuries.

The number of Israeli troops killed since the start of the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip now stands at 223, as per Israeli media, raising the number of killed troops since October 7 to 560.

According to information from the Israeli military, a total of 2,797 Israeli soldiers have been wounded since the commencement of the war on the Gaza Strip. Among them, 424 soldiers have suffered severe injuries, 726 have sustained moderate injuries, and 1,647 have experienced minor injuries.

Regarding the soldiers wounded since the initiation of the ground invasion, their count stands at 1,283, with 260 facing critical injuries, 429 having moderate injuries, and 594 having minor injuries. Furthermore, there are currently 378 soldiers undergoing treatment, with 35 in critical condition, 240 in moderate condition, and 103 in minor condition.

This comes as the Palestinian Resistance persists in engaging in intense confrontations for the 117th day against the Israeli occupation forces on all axes in Gaza.

Earlier today, the Israeli occupation’s police announced the death of a member of the Yasam patrol unit in the police’s al-Naqab district, who was killed on October 7; his body was taken to Gaza.

His death increases the toll of slain Israeli occupation police officers in the war on Gaza to 61, with the vast majority of them occurring on the morning of October 7.

In the same context, Israeli media reported that three Israeli occupation troops were killed on Tuesday in ongoing battles in the Gaza Strip.

On this note, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that the number of killed and injured Israeli troops since October 7 is the “worst in four decades.”

It is worth noting that the Israeli military establishment imposes strict control on the publication of the numbers of dead and injured members of the troops, in an attempt to hide the large losses it suffers among its ranks during the ongoing and escalating battles with the Palestinian resistance.

The extent of the losses incurred by the occupation forces during ground battles in the fighting fronts is evident through the accurate statements issued by the Palestinian Resistance, and the video clips documenting its targeting, directing qualitative strikes, and placing the invading forces in precise ambushes.

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