Israeli Strike in Jenin Kills Seven, Including Four Brothers

The six martyrs includes four brothers: Hazaa (27 years old), Rami (22 years old), Ahmed (24 years old), and Alaa Naji Hassan Darwish (29 years old).

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the martyrdom of six Palestinians early Sunday in an Israeli drone attack on al-Shouhada Roundabout south of Jenin following an Israeli raid.
The six martyrs included four brothers: Hazaa Naji Hassan Darwish (27 years old), Rami (22 years old), Ahmed (24 years old), and Alaa (29 years old).


Razkallah Nabil Suleiman (18 years old), and Mohammed Yasser Musa Asa’as were also among the martyrs.

UPDATE: One Palestinian youth from a village south of Jenin was also critically injured, and later succumbed to his wounds, raising the number of martyrs to seven.


On their way to work

In a widely circulated video on social media, the mother of the four cried, “All of my children are gone—four of them. No one is left for me. No one is left. My heart can’t take it…”


According to reports, the siblings were on their way to work when the Israeli drone attack killed them.

It is worth noting that at least 327 Palestinians have been killed at the hands of Israeli occupation forces and settlers in the occupied West Bank since October 7, according to a count by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

IOF soldier killed in Jenin raid

The Israeli occupation forces confirmed the death of a soldier during the raid on Jenin camp in the occupied West Bank.

“She [the officer] was in an operational vehicle that was hit by an explosive device,” IOF said in a statement.


IOF troops also sustained injuries when their vehicle was struck by an explosive device in Jenin, as mentioned in the statement.

A helicopter assisted in their rescue under covering fire, the statement stressed. 

Resistance confronting IOF incursions into Jenin, Areeha, Nablus

Earlier, Palestinian Journalist Amro Manasrah told Al Mayadeen that Israeli helicopters fired heavy machine gun rounds toward civilian homes in the Jenin refugee camp.

The sources report intense confrontations as Resistance fighters continue to repel the Israeli forces’ incursions into Nablus, Qalqilya, Jenin, and Areeha.

Concurrently, sources confirmed to Al Mayadeen that Palestinian Resistance fighters are engaged with Israeli occupation forces in the al-Maajeen neighborhood in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli Apache helicopters were flying at low altitudes in the sky over Jenin and opened fire toward a site in Jenin. Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces brought reinforcements to the city, accompanied by a military bulldozer through the al-Jalameh checkpoint.


Israeli media indicated that the incursion into Jenin was extended for several additional hours in order to evacuate a damaged Israeli military vehicle and the rest of the raiding forces from the area.

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