Jordanian authorities arrests leaders of teachers union and to be shut across the country

Jordanian decision to close and arrest came on the orders of the Public Prosecution issued by the Attorney General of Oman Hassan Al-Abdullah, to stop the hands of the members of the Teachers Union Council and members of the central and branch bodies and departments, and to suspend the union from work and close its headquarters for a period of two years.

After escalating the two parties for more than a year, the Jordanian authorities closed this morning the headquarters of the Jordanian Teachers’ Union in the capital, Amman, and the branches of the union in the 12 governorates of the Kingdom, and arrested Nasser Al-Nawasrah, the deputy head of the teachers union and members of the union’s council.

The decisions of the Attorney General of Oman included issuing summonses brought against the defendants, members of the Syndicate Council, to be brought before the competent public prosecutor for questioning about the crimes assigned to them.

Close the teachers union headquarters in Jordan (communication sites from the teachers union page)

Incitement and transgressions
According to a statement by the Attorney General of Oman, the decision comes in light of the Public Prosecution’s consideration of a number of investigative penal cases against the Teachers ’Union Council, which is represented in a number of cases. First, the investigative issue related to the financial abuses considered by the Prosecutor of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The second investigative and pending case before the Prosecutor of Oman related to the decisions issued by the Bar Council, which were circulated through social media and included inflammatory measures.

As for the third investigative issue, it relates to the videos released by Nasser Al-Nawasrah, the vice-captain, which he circulates through social media and is seen by the Prosecutor of Oman.

Union Council members during a previous meeting (communication sites)

Prohibition of publication
Based on the foregoing, the prosecutors decided to issue summonses to the defendants, members of the Syndicate Council, so that they can be presented to the competent public prosecutor for questioning about the crimes assigned to them.

It was also decided that the union’s members, members of the central authority and branch bodies and departments should stop the union’s work and close its headquarters for a period of two years, and address the Minister of Education to conduct the legal requirement regarding the formation of an interim committee to conduct the union’s administrative and financial management.

The Attorney General of Oman decided to ban publication, circulation and comment in all media and social media sites on these foreseeable issues except for the authorized official authority.

Issues that do not deserve to be closed The
lawyer of the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate, Bassam Fraihat, told Al Jazeera Net that the cases brought against the Teachers Syndicate do not deserve the measures taken by the judiciary.

He continued that the security forces raided the headquarters of the union’s headquarters this morning and closed it with red wax, and so did the rest of the union’s branches in the governorates of the Kingdom.

Freihat added that he will submit legal payments to stop the actions taken by the judiciary against the union, and he will submit a bail request to the council members who were detained this morning.

Witnesses transferred from inside the headquarters of the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate that the security forces raided the headquarters and expelled the employees by force without giving reasons, and vacated the building from any auditors or employees in preparation for its closure with red wax.

From a previous sit-in for teachers in Al-Muwaqqar area, east of the capital, Amman (Al-Jazirah)

escalation The state of escalation between the teachers union and the government has been going on for more than a year, after the teachers union organized a strike that lasted for a month last year demanding financial bonuses, and it was agreed between the government and the union to give teachers the financial allowance at the beginning of this year in exchange for breaking the strike and the return of teachers and students For schools.

With the beginning of the year, the agreement was implemented by granting teachers financial allowances, each according to his service and work and completion reports, and government and military sector employees were granted similar financial allowances.

With the outbreak of the Corona virus in Jordan in the middle of March, the government decided to stop the financial bonuses granted to public sector employees, including teachers, in a government austerity campaign to address the consequences of the spread of the virus in the Kingdom.

At that point, the Teachers’ Union considered the government decisions as a violation of the agreement signed between them, and the union threatened to take escalatory measures in exchange for the restitution of bonuses, including entering a new strike on the work of the beginning of the school year next September and boycotting the participation in the parliamentary elections expected to take place before the end of the year, and other measures Escalatory.

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