Language of the answer to numbers .. Who will win the Ballon d’Or in 2021?

This year is showing a dilemma in determining the identity of the player entitled to the Ballon d’Or for 201-201, due to the balance between the award decision making factors.

So far this year, there have been various factors for winning the award, between the club and the team championship, where the European Nations Cup was held, and the Italian team, which includes a large number of Chelsea players, “winning the European Champions League”. , And the Copa Am च्याrica, which was refreshed by the European national team, was crowned by Argentina, led by the top scorer in the Spanish league, Lionel Messi.

The language of numbers

In fact, the current “2021” version of the Golden Ball is the hardest to choose from among all previous editions over the years, but the language of numbers has always been the “break line” in determining the champion of the world award.

10. Early Ha Holland (Borussia Dortmund, Germany and Norway)

Early Ha Holland, the German striker for the Norwegian international, Bolshevik Dortmund, is one of the best strikers in the world and is a candidate for the Golden Ball award. And this year in only 228 games he managed to score 227 goals and provide ass assist but Norway’s absence helped him win the European Nations Cup.

The year 2021 was an exception by all accounts for the Italian Juventus star and “Azzurra” Chiesa, who, along with the older woman, scored 1 goal and provided 10 assists in 43 games against Italian clubs with which he won the Italian Cup. Title

Chiesa contributed to the crowning of his country’s national team in his latest edition, when he scored two goals in a match match at the tournament, which shaped a giant star. .

8- Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain and France national team)

The Frenchman, nicknamed “Ronaldo’s successor”, failed to win much of the Golden Ball this year after failing to cross the semi-finals with Paris Saint-Germain, who took part in the Champions League with a hat-trick against Barcelona last February. The final of the tournament, and the farewell European Nations Cup, saw France lose 1-1 to Switzerland and fail to score during the competition.

– Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City, England, England and Belgium)

Belgium’s “master” Kevin de Bruyne has won the English Premier League and FA Cup with his Manchester City team. Despite his injury, he led his country Belgium to the quarter-finals of the European Championship 2020, but lost to Italy in the so-called “Red Devils” competition.

C- Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus, Italy and Portugal)

Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo has lost a difficult year to Juventus. After the team’s early exit from the Champions League at the hands of Porto, the Italian League title was lost to Inter Milan and “Don” fell with his country. Portugal in the 16th round of Euro 2020.

Ronaldo competed with the “old lady” in the old 33 games, scoring against his opponents on 2 occasions and providing two assistants, but he was nominated for the “France Football” magazine award at the 200 launch.

J-Jorgenho (Chelsea, England, England and Italy)

This is the average of the Italian region Jorginho One of the most powerful nominees for this year’s World Player of the Year award, having won the Champions League with Chelsea, England and England, and then at Iroli 2020 to help return to European glory. 53 Absence of 53 years.

– Romlu Lukaku (Inter Milan, Italy and Belgium)

Last season, Belgian human locomotive Romelu Lukaku silenced his critics and after winning the award for the best player in the Italian league, he contributed to Inter Milan’s return to the Italian league for the first time since 2010 and came on as a runner-up. The “Calcio” scorer is decisive by scoring 2 goals through 36 participation and providing passes.

In the European Nations Cup, which Italy won, Romelu Lukaku scored for his country Belgium but was knocked out of the semi-finals.

– N’Golo Cante (Chelsea, England, England and France)

France international N’Golo Cante is the world’s best average defender, presenting a unique season with Chelsea and leading the “blouse” to glory and winning the Champions League, where he was named the best player in the semi-finals. Against Real Madrid and the final against Manchester City.

Kante’s success with the French national team came to a halt after he was knocked out of the European Nations Cup 2020 in the 16th round against Switzerland.

2- Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich, Germany and Poland)

To come Robert Lewandowski In two “fantastic” seasons with Bayern Munich, he scored 1 goal in 2 games in the German league and provided ass assist.

Internationally, Robert Lewandowski competed with the Polish national team, which exited the European Nations Cup Euro 2020 in the group stage, where players scored goals in match matches.

1- Lionel Messi (Barcelona, ​​Spain and Argentina national team)

Argentine star Lionel MessiHe was more likely to win the Gold Award, failing to reach the title, had he not been crowned Copa Am साथrica with Argentina, Fly had scored four goals and five assists in the tournament and also won the award. For the best player in the competition, the best scorer and the best provider of help.

With Barcelona, ​​the 34-year-old contributed to Barca’s improvement in the second half of last season, as he won the Kyrgyz Cup with the Catalans, lost the Spanish Super and La Liga and was relegated to the Champions League. .

In total, Messi played in 35 Spanish games with Barcelona in the Spanish league, during which time he scored 300 goals and conceded nine goals to his team. He was also crowned the top scorer of the local league, so that the award was “close to Leo”. “At the end of this year.


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