Lebanese Soldier Killed, 3 Injured by Israeli Bombing in South

The Lebanese Army mourns a slain soldier and another three wounded servicemen following an Israeli attack on the country's south.

A Lebanese soldier was martyred and three others were wounded by the Israeli occupation forces in Odeissa, south Lebanon, the Lebanese Army said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the Lebanese Army, the three injured soldiers were taken to the hospital for medical attention after the fact.

Our reporter in South Lebanon said earlier on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces bombed an area near a Lebanese Army outpost near the Palestinian-Lebanese border area.

The Israeli occupation forces also bombed the outskirts of Tayr Harfa, al-Jibbain, Yarin, and Aita al-Shaab.

As the Israeli occupation was attacking southern Lebanon and violating its sovereignty, sirens did not stop sounding in northern occupied Palestine. At least six missiles were launched from southern Lebanon toward the occupied northern Palestine.

The Israeli occupation forces have been escalating their attacks on southern Lebanon, with their violations martyring several Lebanese civilians, including journalists.

Israeli occupation artillery fired more than 100 shells toward several Lebanese southern villages and towns early Monday, in conjunction with the continued aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Shellings and flares targeted the outskirts of the towns of Ramya, Beit Lif, Aita al-Shaab, Rmeich, Khiam, and Kfar Kila in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon.

This comes as Hezbollah announced carrying out eight operations throughout Sunday, targeting Israeli military soldiers’ gatherings and sites, including the “Beit Hillel” sensitive base.

In what was described by Israeli media as an exceptional operation, the Resistance successfully targeted an armored military vehicle in “Beit Hillel” using a guided missile, despite it being over 3 km from the Lebanese border.

As per the group’s statement, the missile hit its target directly and resulted in the killing and wounding of several Israeli soldiers.

Israeli media later reported that 11 were injured in the operation, noting that the attacked vehicle was engulfed in flames after being directly hit by the missile.

‘Permanent threat of Hezbollah’

Last week, the mayor of the “Kiryat Shmona” settlement urged Israeli settlers not to return to the settlement in northern occupied Palestine as long as the situation on the borders with Lebanon remains unchanged.

Reflecting a state of utmost fear from Hezbollah’s strikes in response to the Israeli aggression on South Lebanon, Stern added, “After October 7, does anyone have any doubts about the intentions, threats, and capabilities of our enemies beyond the border?”

Avichai Stern was quoted by Israeli media as saying, “We were promised that we will no longer see Hezbollah on the border and that anyone on the border will be shot, but in actuality, they returned. What is preventing them from firing a Kalashnikov from the fence in the border communities?”

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