Libyan army announces Emir of ISIS in Libya Abu Abdulla killed today and nine other terrorists

The Spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General  Al-Mismari said, in an exceptional press conference in Benghazi, that “information has been received about the existence of a terrorist cell stationed in the Abd al-Kafi neighborhood in Sebha.”

Ahmed Al-Mesmari, announced the killing of the Emir of ISIS in Libya, Abu Abdulla al-Libi, in an LNA operation that lasted for seven hours in the Abalkafi neighborhood, in Sebha.

LNA Spokesman continued, “The 116th Infantry Brigade clashed with the group in a battle that ended with the elimination of nine terrorists and the arrest of two women, one from Benghazi named Sana Abdul Hadi Salem, born in 1980, and she is the wife of the terrorist Othman al-Abbar, who was killed in the operation. The other woman is the wife of the Emir of ISIS in Libya, and she is An Egyptian, called Naglaa Mahmoud Afifi Hussein.

He explained that the wife of the terrorist Othman al-Abbar, who was killed in the battle of the Abd al-Kafi neighborhood, confirmed that she was hiding in the city of Misurata.

Al-Mesmari pointed out that the terrorists included two Libyans, three Saudis, an Egyptian, a Sudanese, a Nigerian, and another from the Ivory Coast, stressing that foreigners entered the Libyan territories through Sudan.

He stressed that the investigations did not reveal the name of the leader of ISIS, who was killed, and called Abu Abdullah, but his real name was not known, even his wife does not know his name.

Al-Mesmari confirmed that the people of Sabha reject the presence of terrorists in their city, pointing to their alignment with LNA forces in the battle of the Abd al-Kafi neighborhood.

The Spokesman clarified that the terrorists who were killed in the battle of Abd al-Kafi neighborhood were the same group that attacked al-Feel Oil Field, Ghadwa town, Traghen and Murzuq, noting that one of the terrorists blew himself up with an explosive belt during the battle.

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