Medical homicide Behind Martyrdom of Palestinian Detained Nasser Abu Hamid

Nasser Abu Hamid, member of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, died in prison from lung cancer ■ Palestinian Prisoners’ Administration accuse Israeli prison service of medical negligence

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced the martyrdom of Nasser Abu Hamid who had suffered from cancer, while the Israeli prison service committed medical homicide through deliberate medical negligence.

The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission reported that the prisoner, Nasser Abu Hamid, had been martyred in Assaf Harofeh Hospital, due to the deliberate medical homicide policy followed by the Israeli prison service.

Following Abu Hamid’s martyrdom, the Prisoners’ Information Office confirmed that the detainees declared a hunger strike for three days as they mourned Abu Hamid.

His martyrdom, according to the office, brought the number of martyrs in the occupations’ prison to 232.

The martyrdom of Abu Hamid is not surprising. The ailing detainee had suffered for a long time before his life was claimed by negligence. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced, hours before the announcement, that the detainee Abu Hamid was taking his last breaths and had expected news of his martyrdom at any moment.

Yesterday, the Palestinian Waed Prisoners Association held the occupation prisoners “responsible for all the repercussions having refused to transfer cancer-stricken prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid to the hospital although his condition is critical and rapidly deteriorating.”

“The occupation’s insistence on keeping prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid in the notorious so-called Ramle prison clinic means that the occupation is proceeding with the decision of executing and killing Nasser Abu Hamid in this brutal and heinous way,” Waed said.

Abu Hamid’s situation was not sufficient for international institutions, particularly the World Health Organization, to take human rights and humanitarian action, Waed added.

Commission of Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs revealed earlier on Sunday how critical and sensitive the health condition of the cancer-stricken detainee Nasser Abu Hamid is.

The Association criticized “the complete absence of the WHO from this bloody scene against a sick prisoner, who is being liquidated in a sadistic and barbaric manner without the slightest concern.”

Who is Nasser Abu Hamid?

Nasser Abu Hamid, from Al-Amari camp, Ramallah, is one of five brothers who were [all] sentenced to life by the Israeli authorities. They are: Nasr, Nasser, Sharif, Mohammad and Islam, who was arrested in 2018. The sixth brother is martyr Abdel Moneim Abu Hamid.

Their mother was deprived of visitng them for years, they lost their father during detention, and their family home was demolished 5 times – the last of which was in 2019.

During he first year of the First Intifada, in 1987, Nasser was arrested for the first time for four months. Then, he was arrested again, and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. After his release, he was re-arrested for the third time in 1990. After spending four years in prison, he was released again after negotiations and was re-arrested in 1996. 

During the Second Intifada, Abu Hamid resisted the Israeli occupation, which led to his arrest in 2002. The prisoner received seven sentences of life imprisonment plus 50 years – he is still in captivity till this day, despite his chronic illness. 


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