Merkel: “Not much progress on EU-Turkey relations”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted on Monday the lack of significant progress in the issues that affect relations between the European Union and Turkey, in view of the European Union leaders’ summit in December.

“We have not made as much progress on the EU-Turkey relationship as we wanted,” she told a virtual gathering of members of parliaments’ European affairs committees.

Turkey has engaged in activities of “a very aggressive character, or I would say provocative character” in the Mediterranean Sea, she said, but added that Ankara deserves “great respect” and support for hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees.

The Chancellor also hailed the return of the Turkish vessel Oruc Reis to port as a “good sign,” but noted that Turkey was still carrying out drilling activities off Cyprus.

In the same videoconference, Merkel said that some member states are growing impatient with the lack of progress in finding a deal between the EU and Britain over Brexit.

While the EU does not want a deal at any price, achieving it would be in everyone’s interests, she added. 


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