Mikati’s government appears in front of Lebanese Parliament to gain its confidence

In Lebanon, Najib Mikati’s government will appear this morning before Parliament to gain its confidence.

It is expected that the Mikati government, which completed its ministerial statement at a record speed, will win the confidence of between 90 to 100 deputies out of the 117 deputies in the incomplete parliament, as a result of eight resignations following the explosion of the port of Beirut and the death of 3 deputies.

The new Lebanese government saw the light after more than a year of emptiness at a time when the country is witnessing an aggravation in the collapse of the economic situation.

It is likely that the new government will gain the confidence of the Free Patriotic Movement bloc and the Future Movement, while the Lebanese Forces and a few independents will withhold confidence from the government, which they view as representing the team that led Lebanon to collapse, and one of its components, the Hezbollah militia, continues the policy of bypassing the state.

Mikati announced after the formation of the new Lebanese government, during a press conference, and said: We need the Arab world .. We belong to the Arab world and we need it, and we will knock on the door of every Arab country for help.

Mikati added by saying that “there is no place for the unemployed in the Lebanese government, and we will bear responsibility for those who do this, and we hope to stop the collapse that Lebanon is witnessing,” stressing that “the new Lebanese government represents everyone,” adding: “I have two-thirds of the government and there is no obstruction to it,” and pledged to hold parliamentary elections. On time.


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