Mohammed Takkala Elected New Head of Libya’s High Council of State

Members of the High Council of State (HCS) in Libya elected on Sunday Mohammed Takkala as the new Head to succeed Khalid Al-Mishri, who held the position for five consecutive terms.


HCS members Al-Mishri, Takkala, Nayima Al-Hami and Naji Mukhtar were the candidates for the presidency of the HCS, a position for which internal elections are held among the members every year according to the bylaws. 


Al-Mishri got the highest votes in the first round with 49, while Takala got 39, Mukhtar got 36, and Al-Hami got 4.


129 HCS members out of the total number of 145 attended the session. As for the position of First Deputy Head, Masoud Abid won the position against Al-Mishri’s Deputy Head Naji Mukhtar.


According to the bylaws for the elections of the Head of the HCS, a second round was held as none of the candidates obtained 66 votes or more, and thus, Al-Mishri and Takkala went to a second round, where Takkala won with 67 votes and Al-Mishri lost by receiving 62 votes. 

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