Moncef Marzouki Announces Retirement From Political Life .. What did the Tunisians comment about that?!

The announcement of former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki to withdraw from the presidency of the party “Harak” and the Tunisian political scene, following the results of the recent elections, which he said he bears responsibility, a wave of interactions on social media.

On Facebook and Twitter, Tunisian accounts reshared what she called “the political farewell speech” of Marzouki, expressing her view on the move.

While many valued the man’s qualities and achievements in his political career for Tunisia, seeing him as a symbol of revolution, others did not miss the opportunity to criticize his career.

The symbol of the revolution
Commenting on Marzouki’s remarks, Tunisian journalist Nacereddine Dujbi expressed his respect and appreciation for those he described as the principled man, pointing out that the former president of Tunisia has been known in all arenas for decades and a staunch defender of freedoms (..).

In the same context, followed by a tweet Marwan Chaoui on Twitter, in which he said that Marzouki will remain at the heart of all Tunisians and the Arab nation and in every conscience and free thought from the ocean to the Gulf, and a champion of all just and free issues, especially the Arab Spring revolutions.

The same calculation considered that Marzouki was the best symbol of the revolution and the humble, intellectual and human rights president.

You will remain in the heart of all Tunisians and the Arab nation and in all the conscience and free thought of the ocean to the Gulf and championing you just and free issues on top of which the Arab Spring revolutions.
I was the best symbol of the revolution and the humble, intellectual and human rights president #President_Monsif_Marzouki

– Marwan Shoaoui (@ChaouiMarwen) November 24, 2019

“Marzouki is a symbol of the struggle, the torch of revolutions and the symbol of the Arab Spring. He will remain a symbol in the face of dictatorships, and history will immortalize his great name.”

Take responsibility
Last night, 74-year-old Marzouki, in a letter posted on his Facebook account, attributed his retirement from politics to the results of the recent elections, which he said he bore full responsibility for, but said he would remain “committed to all issues of the people and the nation.” Serviced.

“My fate was that my contribution to the collective epic would end bitterly with an electoral defeat,” Marzouki said.

“ I leave the political arena happy to see the realization of most of the goals for which I have fought for half a century and also with a head of conscience relieved of my deep feeling that I have performed my duty as a doctor, as a human, as an intellectual and as head of the Tunisian state in the most difficult and most dangerous stage of its modern history. ”

In response to this speech, an account on behalf of Yasser Dhuib said that with the departure of Marzouki from the arena of political action is losing high morals in public affairs a round of its fateful rounds in the political history of our bereaved Arab homeland.

With the departure of former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki from the arena of political action, the high morals in public affairs are losing a round of their fateful rounds in the political history of our bereaved Arab homeland.

– YasserDhouib YasserDhouib (@ YasserDhouib2) November 25, 2019

Bitterness and sorrow
While the interactions of commentators on Marzouki’s decision did not devoid of glorifying his struggle and his human and political positions, other reactions dominated the feelings of grief and sadness.

“We are saddened by this decision and the same thing is felt by Tunisian people because Tunisia needs honest people like former President Moncef Marzouki,” said Bilal Saadawi.

For her part, Najwa Jouini blamed Marzouki for this withdrawal, considering that those who have all these values ​​and constants do not easily withdraw from the arena.

Marzouki, the fourth president of the Tunisian Republic, was a political opponent of the Ben Ali regime (1987-1987) and a human rights defender. He holds a doctorate in medicine and writes in law, politics and thought.

A late step
On the other hand, a Twitter account on behalf of Leila al-Qizani said that this step is very important in the life of the man, but it was much delayed in her opinion, saying that Marzouki enough honor that he headed the new Tunisia in the most difficult stages.

Former President Dr. Moncef Marzouki announces his retirement from politics
An important step in the life of this man was long overdue
It is an honor for him to preside over the new Tunisia at its most difficult stage

– Leila guizani (@leila_lguizani) November 24, 2019

For her part, Jethnas Jbounoune considered that Marzouki’s retirement from political life came after the destruction of Tunisia, saying that his offer would go to the “dustbin of history”.

Ayman al-Arabi said that if he disagreed with or agreed with Marzouki, no one could deny his competence, sophistication and impartiality.He pointed out that Marzouki was a president who was oppressed by the media of shame, was distorted, and the enemies almost had machinations because he did not resemble them.

It is noteworthy that Marzouki has said in his speech that he will remain committed to all the issues of his people and his nation, which will continue to serve as he can in ways and in other areas.

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